Top Travel Trends for this year ...


Top Travel Trends for this year ...
Top Travel Trends for this year ...

Isn’t it weird that from one year to the next, there are certain places in the world that seem to pop up in terms of popularity and cool factor? It might be down to the extensive population of travel bloggers out there, it might be down to special anniversaries or festivals in different places, whatever it is there is no denying that each new year brings along a whole new set of travel trends with it! If you want to make sure that you are on top of your Insta game next year, then make sure that you know all about the top travel trends for current year.

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Micro Trip

2019 is going to be all about maximising the micro trip! These are classed as little away trips that you take during the year rather than a big vacation in the summer or the fall, and they are much more popular now than they used to be. With cheap flights and accommodation these days, it’s much easier to get away for only a few days a time.


Conscious Travel

This year  there will be more of a focus on conscious travel, which is taking a trip somewhere with an ethical or humanitarian angle. Visiting somewhere where you can spend some time volunteering for the native population is going to be a big thing next year.


Easy Travel

This is the kind of travel that requires you to have barely any physical documents other than your passport. Now is going to be even bigger on things like e-tickets, online boarding passes, mobile apps for hotel bookings, even just avoiding luggage charges all together by only having one carry on.


Personal Tours

It isn’t enough to just visit a famous location, people are now going the full hog and requesting personal tours around places wherever they are available. It’s all about getting that personal experience.


Uncharted Territory

More and more it is becoming about getting those rare shots for the Insta, which means that people are going to be heading for more and more uncharted and unvisited territory than ever before.


Work Travel

More and more young people are finding ways to see the world by working at the same time. This year there will be even more people taking up long residences in other countries, seeing the sights and experiencing the culture, while at the same time working to pay their way.


Curated Trips

There isn’t really such a thing as turning up somewhere and seeing what there is to do anymore, you can expect vacations to become even more curated than they already are. The aim is to turn up to your destination with a full itinerary already in place.



The devastating damage that plastic is going to the environment has really shaken the world this year, so you can expect this year to be a year of travel in which lots of people pay more of a focus on visiting places and giving their money to hotels and resorts that are committed to eliminating their own plastic usage.

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