Destinations šŸ—ŗ That Offer a True šŸ’Æ Travel Experience šŸ˜± ...

When it comes to travel, there are some destinations across the world that offer a more authentic and genuine experience than others! What Iā€™m saying is that some of the most popular places you might have heard of are now so over visited and tourist-centric, that they have actually lost a lot of their original, native charm. The trick is to try to find places to visit that are still able to give you a real taste of the culture. Here are some destinations that offer a true travel experience.

1. La Fortuna De San Carlos ā€“ Costa Rica

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There is so much adventure to be had in this underrated spot in the world. Located right by the Arenal Volcano National Park (home to no less than two massive volcanoes), this town and its surroundings are filled with amazing sights like waterfalls, thermal hot springs, and dozens of rainforest trails that you can follow and encounter the protected wildlife. For adrenaline junkies, there is also canyoning and white water rafting to get you going!

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