52 Beautiful Ocean Animals That You Can See when You Scuba Dive ...


Whether you're an avid scuba diver or you're new to the sport, you're sure to get excited when you see these ocean animals.

An underwater view is something sure to take your breath away and maybe these photos will get you into scuba diving for the first time.

Whatever gets you under the water, imagine how awesome it would be to see some of these ocean animals.

1. Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish

Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish

Via Smooth Trunkfish, juvenile [SDC 2008, ...

Maybe he isn't the biggest or the brightest of the ocean animals, but he sure is cute.

2. Manatees


Via Florida's friendly manatees photographed by ...

Seeing a manatee up close and personal would be such a great thing.

3. Schools of Fish

Schools of Fish

Via Red Sea Jungle

Imagine just hanging out here and letting the fish swirl around you.2

4. Jellyfish


Via All sizes | The Beautiful ...

Watching jellyfish swim is so soothing.

This is a stunning creature, don't you think?

5. Jumping Dolphin

Jumping Dolphin

Via flickr.com

You'll never forget seeing a dolphin leap from the ocean, especially if the sun is setting in the background.

6. Bright Jellyfish

Bright Jellyfish

Via Crazy Seacreatures - Ocean Animals

The colors are something to behold here.

7. Blue Sea Turtle

Blue Sea Turtle

Via Cosmic Sea Turtle by Gcrackle1 ...

Sea turtles can get really big and you'd be so lucky to see one paddle by you.

8. Strange Species

Strange Species

Via SamuraiNX

You might get lucky enough to see a rare ocean animals and share your photos with others.2

This is an axolotl.

9. Dolphin Hello

Dolphin Hello


Dolphins are super friendly and might come over and try to play with you.

10. Ray


Via wallsforpc.com

This spotted ray is so beautiful, don't you think?2

11. Cleaner Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp

Via All sizes | MALD071208-2 | ...

They might be bottom feeders, but this species of shrimp is wonderful in all its striped glory.

Hammerhead Shark
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