7 American Cities for a Great Cycle Trip ...

City cycling is an under-rated vacation activity. Cycling is not often considered when thinking about the next vacation yet there are some terrific cycle trips to be had. Cycling trips donโ€™t always have to be out in gorgeous countryside, up hill and down dale; city cycling trips are a great way to get about some fascinating places and see all the key sights of your destination. Plus, you get the added benefit of getting some good healthy #exercise as well as having a good time. The USA has some marvelous destinations and here is my pick of 7 American Cities for a Great Cycle Trip:

1. Chicago, IL

With 141 miles of marked lanes on Chicagoโ€™s roads, a cycling trip is a great way to see the Windy City.

Thereโ€™s also 12,000 public bike racks in this bike-friendly metropolis meaning you can leisurely make your way from sight to site and park your bake somewhere safe when you want to visit a particular attraction.

Try the classic ride between the parks along Lake Michiganโ€™s shores or tackle the 32-mile Fox River Trail.