The 10 Best American Cities to Visit in Winter ...


The 10 Best American Cities to Visit in Winter ...
The 10 Best American Cities to Visit in Winter ...

American cities have fascinating individual characters that either draw people to them or turn them off completely. As winter arrives, these American cities can become even more or even less attractive. When it comes to taking a winter vacation some of us love to head for the sun, others can’t wait to get into the snow. Some flee the snowy slush covered streets of the northern American cities for warmer climes whilst others leave the sunbaked sidewalks of the south for the winter wonderlands in the mountains. According to the readers of Business Insider, here are the 10 Best American Cities to Visit in Winter.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Definitely one for the sun lovers. Beautifully sunny San Juan is affordable, full of cultural interest and a great foodie destination. Certainly not the first that would spring to most people’s mind when it comes to American cities but the Capital of Puerto Rico has plenty to offer. Pull up a beach chair, sip a cocktail and enjoy the sunset.


Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha! One of the most welcoming American cities, Hawaii’s capital Honolulu is just amazing. Where best to escape the winter blues than a destination that just sings summertime. World class beaches scream relaxation whilst the joys of the Hawaiian culture are extremely accessible. A great destination for couples and families.


Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is one of the more unassuming American cities. In winter the sun is diluted to a very pleasant warmth to provide visitors with balmy days where they can enjoy some terrific museums, great shopping, a wide variety of top-notch restaurants, pro-sports and some great outdoor activities – especially golf.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Jazz, po-boys, Bourbon Street, the French Quarter – say them and only one American city comes to mind. New Orleans. It might still be recovering from the havoc wrought by Hurricane Katrina but its capacity to enthral visitors hasn’t diminished. Of course, you can really say goodbye to winter and hello to spring at the New Orleans Mardi Gras – still one of the best festivals in the world.


Houston, Texas

Houston, we have a problem – Not! What’s best avoided in summer, in winter makes for pleasure. The fourth largest of all American cities, Houston isn’t all just about the space program. It’s a multicultural pick and mix where sophistication rubs shoulders with ethnicity. Its museums are well respected as are its musical offerings. The food ranges from outrageous hamburgers to Venezuelan empanadas and there are quirky neighborhoods for art and antique browsing. Visit in February for the biggest livestock and rodeo show in the world.


San Diego, California

Think on American cities in California and the big two of LA and San Fran will always relegate San Diego to the back burner. Winter is the perfect time to visit San Diego. It’s not full of people seeking the heat of summer yet the temperatures reach a very pleasant 70 degrees. Take advantage of reduced queues to visit the fantabulous zoo, hit a round of golf at Torrey Pines or get out onto the beaches. It might not be sunbathing weather but, it’s warm enough for walks and picnics. San Diego is also one of the safest and cleanest American cities.


Miami, Florida

Miami can boast about being the most Latino of American cities but it is also one of the noisiest and most expensive. If you want to visit somewhere warm in winter where the community is the most fascinating mix of Latino and Caribbean immigrants, new generations spawned from holocaust survivors, sexual orientations of every genre and rednecks, Miami is the place. Grab a mojito and watch the world go by – well the world that is the weird and wonderful Miami, that is.


Salt Lake City, Utah

If you want to stay in a city with access to snow sports there’s only one choice – Salt Lake City. Lodge in Utah’s capital, enjoy all the urban trappings yet be only half hour from the Wasatch Mountains and its winter playgrounds. The university population gives SLC a vibrant youthful ambience and there’s a thriving art and cultural scene. The downside? Not a great place for foodies, apparently.


Orlando, Florida

Florida is the only state to have more than one entry in the top ten American cities to visit in winter and who would deny Orlando its place? Winter is best time to visit Orlando because all those pesky Europeans are at home having made their visits in their hundreds of thousands during the summer months. Take advantage of the reduced hotel rates and shorter theme park lines. Take the kids out of school and enjoy a winter family vacation.


Savannah, Georgia

Part of Savannah’s charm as a winter destination is that it’s recognized as being one of the most romantic of American cities and is very popular for Valentine’s Day breaks. Other than the big love weekend, winter in Savannah is low season making it easier to get around to enjoy the sights of this city rich in history.

Whilst others wrap themselves and huddle down into the clouds and fogs, some American cities come alive in winter. Lower prices, desirable temperatures, fewer crowds and overall greater accessibility make for excellent winter getaways. Don’t you deserve to treat yourself to a trip to one of the10 Best American Cities to Visit in Winter?

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Not bad! I live in salt lake and every word you write is true! Love it here.

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