7 Cool Things to See in Hong Kong ...


7 Cool Things to See in Hong Kong ...
7 Cool Things to See in Hong Kong ...

Things to see in Hong Kong are pretty cool. This is a place that really has to be seen to be believed. It’s fast and furious, frenetic and fun and all with a capital F. If you get to stand still long enough there are some great things to see in Hong Kong. HK is a magnificent mix of old style Chinese, Colonial British, capitalist 21st century Chinese and every ethnic group imaginable. This really is one place where the cliché of old meets new is applicable in every sense. Sights in Hong Kong are skyscrapers rubbing shoulders with shanty shacks, 5* hotels vying with junky houseboats, markets with cheap knocks offs competing with the most chic and expensive designer goods and street foods calling for attention against delectable fine dining. Here are my 7 Cool Things to See in Hong Kong:

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The Harbor on an Aqua Luna Cruise

The Bay lit up at night is one of the best sights in Hong Kong but the pleasure is heightened when seen from a top-deck lounge bed on a wooden junk run by Aqua Luna. Throw in some freshly made cocktails and the old boat becomes romantic and cool. The night time cruise lasts 45 minutes and departs from Central. You need to book ahead.


Street Scene at Jardine’s Bazaar

At first sight, Jardine’s Bazaar looks like a grungy restaurant strip – it is! But, it’s also one of the hippest places in the city and one of the great people-watching sights in Hong Kong. Its plethora of wanton and noodle shops is popular with the cool set because it’s all very cheap. Fancy tucking into a massive mixed-grill for about $5? You can at the Loon Wai diner.


Beautiful People at South Bay Beach Club

Of all the things to see in Hong Kong, you probably wouldn’t imagine a scene more reminiscent of a European Riviera beach. At the South Bay Beach Club on Repulse Bay, well toned bodies, skimpy bikinis and wraparound shades are the order of the day. Not the place for topping up the tan if you can’t afford to quaff champers all day.


International Commerce Center

You can’t go to Hong Kong and not see the city’s tallest building. The ICC is 1588 foot tall with 118 floors. The 360 degree observation deck is on the 100th floor and using high-tech telescopes you can see all the marvelous sights of Hong Kong. The audiovisual guided tour points out all the landmarks so you don’t miss anything of interest.


Causeway Bay after Dark

Imagine Downtown Tokyo, Times Square and Piccadilly Circus all together and you get Causeway Bay shopping area at night. The towering billboards and neon signs which overlook ant-like hoards of shoppers have become one of the iconic sights of Hong Kong. Watch the well heeled brandish their platinum cards in Sogo, Island Beverly and Times Square or navigate the rabbit warren of Kai Chui Road popular with the young set.


The inside of MO Bar

The inside of MO is not only high on the list of things to see in Hong Kong but also a place to BE seen. MO Bar is the super chic destination just a short step away from HK’s premier haute couture shopping. Located in the renowned Mandarin Oriental hotel, MO opens for breakfast and rocks till the wee small hours. Sip fancy cocktails, nibble on delectable morsels and maybe you’ll wangle a seat at one of the invitation only gigs which have featured such luminaries as Annie Lennox and Harry Connick Jnr.


A Show at the Fringe Club

If you’re into the arts of any genre there’s tons of things to see in Hong Kong and nowhere more likely than at The Fringe Club. Easily one of the city’s premier venues, The Fringe Club hosts everything from contemporary theatre, live music, poetry readings, art exhibitions, lectures and expos. Check the listings for the many English language events. hkfringeclub.com.

As you can see, the sights of Hong Kong run the whole gamut of what any tourist might have on their to do list. It is truly one of the world’s great tourist destinations and these 7 Cool Things to See in Hong Kong are merely the tip of a titanic iceberg.

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