7 Awesome US Road Trips to Take This Summer ...

The sun is beating down and your thoughts are on vacation but you want something different, so why not take your pick from some of the fabulous US road trips? They are a terrific way to see the some of the best the country offers, and whether you have a passion for sprawling cities or tiny country towns, lakes or rivers, forests or plains, beaches or mountains, there’ll be a road trip to suit. In fact, the very best US road trips offer them all.

1. Pacific Coast Highway California

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One of the most awesome of all the US road trips you can make is undoubtedly the Pacific Coast Highway drive. This 1,700 mile long trip hugs the beautiful Pacific coastline in southern California all the way to Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Roll down the windows or better still take the drive in an open top and savor the sea breeze on this unique breathtaking journey. Take stops along the way to visit Hearst Castle before heading to Big Sur. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and spend a couple days on a stopover in San Francisco. Then it’s on to northern California, where you’ll be awestruck at the huge towering redwoods before finally reaching the Olympic National Park and the Hoh Rain Forest. This is one ‘never to be forgotten’ US road trip.

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