8 Brilliant Places to Visit in Bali ...


Brilliant places to visit in Bali are just one reason to travel to this wonderful island in South East Asia. When you are planning what to visit in Bali, youโ€™ll have loads of choice, Bali has beautiful scenery as well as a rich and diverse cultural history. The island may only be small but the rugged coastline has some of the most stunning beaches to be found anywhere on earth and a perfect, deserted beach should definitely be on your list of what to visit in Bali, There is something for everybody and here are 8 Brilliant Places to Visit in Bali.

1. Batubulan Village

Batubulan temple is located right in the centre of the island and has always been highly revered by local people despite its exact origins becoming lost in the mist of time. Although Batu Bulan temple isnโ€™t as ornate or decorated as temples in other parts of the world, the imposing stonework is heavily sculpted in a traditional Balinese style and completely unique.

Bedugul Botanical Garden
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