8 Brilliant Places to Visit in Bali ...


8 Brilliant Places to Visit in Bali ...
8 Brilliant Places to Visit in Bali ...

Brilliant places to visit in Bali are just one reason to travel to this wonderful island in South East Asia. When you are planning what to visit in Bali, you’ll have loads of choice, Bali has beautiful scenery as well as a rich and diverse cultural history. The island may only be small but the rugged coastline has some of the most stunning beaches to be found anywhere on earth and a perfect, deserted beach should definitely be on your list of what to visit in Bali, There is something for everybody and here are 8 Brilliant Places to Visit in Bali.

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Batubulan Village

Batubulan temple is located right in the centre of the island and has always been highly revered by local people despite its exact origins becoming lost in the mist of time. Although Batu Bulan temple isn’t as ornate or decorated as temples in other parts of the world, the imposing stonework is heavily sculpted in a traditional Balinese style and completely unique.


Bedugul Botanical Garden

This is a botanical garden like no other you’ve visited; it looks and feels like a mini rainforest as is full of the most exotic plants and trees to be found anywhere on the planet. Most of the species are native to Bali but other collections have been imported and have been introduced to create this a most magical and special place to visit in Bali. The gardens are a huge tourist draw, especially to domestic tourists who visit the gardens on high days and holidays.


Celuk Village

Celuk is famous the world over as a tourist destination and is permanently at the top of a lot of people’s lists of what to visit in Bali. The village residents are all highly skilled silver and gold smiths. The jewellery that is designed and made in Celuk is exported all over the world but visitors to Bali can see it being created first hand and purchase one off individual and unique pieces at a much lower price than is available anywhere else.


Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is the most eminent attraction to visit in Bali and one that the Balinese are very proud of. The huge project isn’t yet finished but already this stunning cultural park has a facility for every occasion. The park showcases live performances as well as promoting the traditional culture and art of Bali in the midst of naturally dramatic backdrops.



Jatiluwih is on just about everybody’s list of what to visit in Bali and generally thought to be the islands most popular tourist attraction. The literal translation of Jatiluwih is ‘really beautiful’, and it truly is, especially if you go in the morning whilst the clouds are at a lower level and the humidity hasn’t started to rise. The rice paddies that rise in terraces from the foot of the mountain are quite a sight.


Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach was one of the first areas on Bali to sustain development and the resort remains one of the most popular areas with tourists. Kuta is by far and away the whitest and longest beach in Bali, as well as having one of the most photographed sunsets anywhere. Kuta’s waves attract surf dudes and its coral attracts snorkelers so although the beach is perfect, it isn’t usually quiet and you may need to choose the time of your visit carefully.


Pujungan Waterfall

Pujungan is truly spectacular, especially in the rainy season, the drop is more than 100 metres and the spray creates its own little micro climate which allows coffee trees to flourish around the edges. Pujungan isn’t easy to get to and is only on more adventurous tourist’s lists of what to visit in Bali but everybody who gets there is well rewarded for their efforts by a swim at the base of the falls.


Sukawati Market

Sukawati is the most famous art market in Bali and tourists flock to buy local sculptures, masks, paintings and jewellery. Even though the market does cater mainly for tourists, the prices are still low and the earlier in the day you arrive, the bigger the bargains are.

So now it’s your turn to write your own list of What to Visit in Bali. Actually it’s your turn to write your list of Brilliant Places to Visit in Bali in preparation of your own holiday in paradise because after reading this, I’m sure you’ll be convinced Bali is your next destination.

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Baliiiiiiii... I'm dying to go there..

...or visit yang yang beach if you're keen on klimbing down 623 steps to get to a lovely and very quiet beach. don't forget to bring snacks and water down there!

I love Bali :) Pura Tanah Lot is also really great, and of course Pura Besakih and Ubud ;)

thanks for the post neecey, you help ours to advertise bali. Love youu~

Write a comment ...i used to live in Bali for 6 months and i can't wait to go back there :*

I will visit Bali in November

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