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As much as I love the ocean, sailing is one thing I’ve never tried, but that doesn’t prevent me enjoying some of the world’s great sailing regattas. I also have to confess that I don’t understand the racing – if you’ve ever watched the Olympics sailing events, you’ll know it’s so much more than racing from point A to point B. Yet, the spectacle of all the boats speeding on the water, to me, is stunning. If you fancy something different for 2014 and something you may have never done before, how about attending one of the world’s greatest sailing regattas?

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Volvo Ocean Race

This event has been called the Formula One of Sailing, and is one of the ultimate experiences as it is tough and requires endurance. The race draws teams from all over, including some of America’s best sailors. If you just enjoy watching sailing regattas then there are plenty of perfect viewing spots at this spectacle. The boats are able to reach quite a speed when in the wild sea conditions and make for excellent photographs. Crowds gather in the ports when the fleet makes a stopover and there are many other activities going on to keep the spectators busy and entertained. The 2014 Volvo Ocean Race starts in Alicante in Spain on October 14th and ends in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 27th, 2015. You can check the ports its visiting here volvooceanrace.com


Cowes Week

Cowes Week This one of the sailing regattas has been running since 1826 and is one of the UK’s most successful, and longest running sailing events. There are 40 races each day, and over 1,000 boats on the waters. The races are not only for professionals, amateurs are welcome to compete too. Cowes is a town on the Isle of Wight, a picturesque island that lies off the south coast of England.


Fastnet Race

If you are a sailor then I won’t need to tell you about this event. It’s one that every sailor knows of because of its famous offshore yacht races. It is the weather which determines the type of race that will be going on. If it is stormy then you will be sure to see fast and furious racing, where as if it is calm on the seas, you will see a more tactical race. Fastnet is an annual event that races the waters around the south west coasts of England and Ireland.


The World Match Racing Tour

This is one for the young ones with fast and furious races, and lots of fun to be had. This one of the ocean races attracts professional sailors the world over including British legend Sir Ben Ainslee. This sailing regatta is aired on TV where the races are shown along with on-board interviews and gives sailing the air time it deserves.



This is one of the most iconic brand names in sailing, and I’m sure that you have already heard of it. The race, ‘Bluewater Classic’ is one of the top three yacht races in the world, attracting maxi yachts from all over the world. The races in this sailing regatta are often unpredictable with strong winds, rain, and high seas.


Vendée Globe

Ah, this is my favourite of all of the sailing regattas. The Vendée Globe was founded in 1989 and takes place every four years. The challenge is to sail around the world single handed, with no stops and no assistance. This is a pretty extreme ocean race and endurance test, and you will need to be a very experienced sailor to give this one a go.


The Americas Cup

And last but not least is the Americas Cup. There will be coverage on the TV of this race, with cameras and microphones on the boat to give an on-board experience for the viewer. The ocean race attracts some of the best sailors in the world, and some of the fastest boats. If you are a speed freak then this is one for you to visit.

I wonder if you are as enthralled by yachts racing across the ocean as me? It’s a great way to spend a day by the water – or even on it! Will you be putting any of these sailing regattas on your list for 2014?

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I was at the Americas cup in October 2013 in San Fran! So much fun!! Had no idea about it until I was there's

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