44 Unforgettable Sights of Croatia ...

By Neecey

44 Unforgettable Sights of Croatia ...

The Central Eastern European country of Croatia has everything you want in a holiday destination: A fabulous coastline rendering up stunning beaches, islands for hopping between, national parks full of natural wonders, vibrant cities, and little higgledy-piggledy medieval towns and ancient ruins.

1 Zitna Bay, Korcula

Zitna Bay, Korcula Via Costa Dálmata
Just one of thousands of gorgeous beaches.

2 Hvar

Hvar Via Top 10 Most Attractive Beaches ...
The island of Hvar has some of the most glorious beaches in Europe.

3 Roman Amphitheatre, in Pula

Roman Amphitheatre, in Pula Via Gone by Sale Now On
One of the most well preserved and largest amphitheaters outside of Italy.

4 Hvar Town

Hvar Town Via Eastern Exposure
A tourist's favorite place to stroll.

5 Sunset, Dalmatia

Sunset, Dalmatia Via _ by Valovephotography on DeviantArt
Amazing sunsets are just something else to look forward to.

6 Sea Cave Beach- Dubrovik

Sea Cave Beach- Dubrovik Via Sea Cave Beach Dubrovnik - ...
The coastline is full of plenty of surprises.

7 Rab Island

Rab Island Via Rab Island, Croatia - Most ...
Saint Marinus, the founder of the mini-state of San Marino, originated on Rab,

8 Modra Špilja (Blue Grotto)

Modra Špilja (Blue Grotto) Via Blue Cave
Blue Magic on Biševo - one of the numerous caves around the remote limestone island of Biševo.

9 Forest Trail, Plitvice National Park

Forest Trail, Plitvice National Park Via Forest Trail, Plitvice, Croatia.
Plitvice National Park is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe. ...next picture shows why.

10 Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park Simply S T U N N I N G

11 Split

Split Via Split, Croatia
The largest coastal city in Croatia.

12 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Via DUBROVNIK
A beautiful city with an amazing history.

13 Zagreb

Zagreb Via Zagreb Croatia travel photos & ...
Croatia's capital and largest city.

14 "Morske Orgulje" or "the Sea Organ"

"Morske Orgulje" or "the Sea Organ" Via Photos: Bestseller - Dalje.com
Located on the Shores of Zadar, it's the World’s First Pipe Organ Which Plays via the waves of the ocean....

15 Stairway to the Sea

Stairway to the Sea Via Rovinj - Street view III
The town of Rovinj.

16 Brac

Brac Via Island of Brac,Croatia: - holidayspots4u
Known as the shape shifting island because the sandy beach's shape shifts with the tide.

17 Narrow Streets

Narrow Streets Via Guidora
Plenty to explore.

18 Trogir

Trogir Via Croatia - Trogir: Romansque Views
A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

19 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Via Croatia, Dubrovnik / Wallpapers as
One of the oldest "old towns" in Europe.

20 Krka

Krka Via Travel Pinspiration: Top 5 Road ...
A gorgeous place to chill out.

21 Vis

Vis Via Croatian Yachts from CustomTravelNetwork.com - ...
So many islands enjoy the moniker of "Jewel of the Adriatic".

22 Krka River / Šibenik

Krka River / Šibenik Via Krka river.
The scenery is always dramatic in Croatia.

23 Vrboska on the Island of Hvar

Vrboska on the Island of Hvar Via Vrboska - en-GB
So many gorgeous little towns, so little time.

24 Dugi Otok Island

Dugi Otok Island Via Beautiful Nature (sublim-ature: Dugi Otok ...
a wonderful place to glide through in a canoe.

25 Punta Rata Beach in Brela

Punta Rata Beach in Brela Via Brela - en-GB
Another charm.

26 The Rector's Palace, Old Town, Dubrovnik

The Rector's Palace, Old Town, Dubrovnik Via The Rector´s Palace, old town ...
Magnificent architecture.

27 Njivice

Njivice Via Blue Thursday by darkmatter257 on ...
Who wouldn't be impressed by such an awesome sight?

28 Skradinski Buk, Krka National Park

Skradinski Buk, Krka National Park It isn't just Plitvice which has beautiful waterfalls.

29 Osijek

Osijek Via Landscape, Lifescape
Grand old houses. Croatia is at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and the Balkans and enjoys a crossover in many aspects.

30 Summer Shower, Kamacnik Canyon

Summer Shower, Kamacnik Canyon Via Blue Pueblo
Would you mind a wee downpour in a place as lovely as this?

31 Visovac Island

Visovac Island Via Prirodne ljepote hrvatske | Putovanja
The building on the island is a monastery.

32 Zadar

Zadar Via Zadar Street - By Pato
Street cobbles so old with the imprint of many footsteps, they look polished.

33 Osijek

Osijek Via foggy autumn: Digital Photography Review
The country is gorgeous at any time of year.

34 Rovinj

Rovinj Via bucketlist
The Pearl of Istria.

35 Galesnjak Island

Galesnjak Island Via Special
Perfect for a honeymoon!

36 Wine-tasting

Wine-tasting Via Wine Tasting in Croatia
Did you know the Zinfandel grape is indigenous to Croatia?

37 A Cafe inside Diocletian's Palace, Split

A Cafe inside Diocletian's Palace, Split Via Booking The Perfect Trip To ...
A 1,700-year-old remnant of the Roman Empire

38 Hvar Heather

Hvar Heather Via Hvar From the Madding Crowd
That was quite unexpected wasn’t it?

39 Trakošćan Castle near Krapina

Trakošćan Castle near Krapina Via Castle
The castle dates back to the 13th century.

40 Nature Park Biokovo

Nature Park Biokovo Via tourandtravelnews.com
Biokovo is the second-highest mountain range in Croatia.

41 Frozen Falls, Plitvice National Park

Frozen Falls, Plitvice National Park Via Plitvice - Upper Falls
Anyone thinking Narnia?

42 The Sun Salutation, Zadar

The Sun Salutation, Zadar Via Croatia 0611 - Phil Sokol
The photovoltaic cells charge all day and at sunset put on a fantastic light show.

43 The Zagreb Cathedral

The Zagreb Cathedral Via Cathedral of Zagreb
It is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and to kings Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus

44 The Klis Fortress

The Klis Fortress Via Fortress, Klis, Croatia
The strategically-located fortress used to guard the pass to access the city of and the region around Split.

Have these sights of Croatia whetted your appetite for a visit to this wonderful and scenic country?

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I've been to Dubrovnik, split & korcula , loved it! Was soooo amazed on my first time in Dubrovnik. Except during summer, these places gets so crowded. A lot of backpackers in Split & not less than 3 ships docks in Dubrovnik!


proud to be from zadar :D


Proud to be from Split :)


Soo beautiful


Since I'm from Croatia, I've been to almost all of these places. They're beautiful


Imagine living next door to that!


Omg! So beautiful. I would love to travel there one day.


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