8 Places to Visit "Little Italy" in the USA ...

Do you dream of escaping to Italy? Well that’s no surprise. Who wouldn’t want incredible food, phenomenal coffee, vibrant culture and captivating company? Well you don’t have to fly many thousands of miles to get those delights. You can sample everything you love in numerous “Little Italys” in the USA.

1. San Diego, California

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The Little Italy Association of San Diego has cast a spotlight on the hilly northwest neighborhood of downtown San Diego. With its frequent festivals, weekly farmer’s market, and numerous restaurants, all attractions are located within a very walkable 48-square block area. Filled with quaint patio cafes, art galleries, shops, hotels, and the picturesque Amici Park, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. The Little Italy Association is the only district management corporation of its kind that manages a Little Italy neighborhood.

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