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41 Pictures That Prove Norway Really is Nirvana ...

By Neecey

In my opinion, Norway is the second most beautiful country on Earth. (Second to New Zealand). The beauty is sometimes beyond words so I'll let pictures do the talking. If you need reasons why Norway should be on your bucket list here they are:

1 Geiranger

Geiranger,nature,geographical feature,landform,coast, Via Beautiful Places in the world ...
The most spectacular landscapes of Norway are the fjords - long narrow sea inlets often very deep with steep sided mountainous cliffs.

2 Bergen

Bryggen,town,house,village,vehicle, Via Color Your Fall
Bergen is a gorgeously quaint and charming seaside town.

3 The Atlantic Road

Android, Via The Most Spectacular Roads in ...
One of the most spectacular roads in the world.

4 Trolltunga

Trolltunga,landform,atmospheric phenomenon,coast,cliff, Via Trolltunga 0
The Troll's Tongue is a piece of rock jutting horizontally out of a mountain about 700 meters above the north side of the lake Ringedalsvatnet in the municipality of Odda in Hordaland county.

5 Heddal Stace Church at Telemark

Heddal Stabkirche,building,historic site,tower,place of worship, Via Heddal stave church in Telemark, ...
Norwegian churches are examples of amazing architecture.

6 A Lighthouse on the Island of Tjøme

lighting,light fixture,monument, Via Norway's New Groove
And if unusual churches aren't your thing, maybe unusual lighthouses are.

7 Vøringfossen Waterfall

Vøringfossen,waterfall,nature,body of water,water feature, The falls plunge into the gorge of Eidfjord.

8 Northern Lights

galaxy,aurora,night,atmosphere,astronomical object, Via Trichardsen
Northern Norway is one of the most incredible areas to see the Aurora Borealis.

9 Trondheim

landmark,cityscape,winter,town,city, Via Starcatcher
Let out your breath when you're ready and it will sparkle in the frost.

10 Skiing at Sunset

mountainous landforms,snow,atmospheric phenomenon,winter,mountain, Via The Sunnmøre Alps, Norway: Behind ...
That's got to be on every skier's bucket list.

11 Aurland

Aurland,highland,mountainous landforms,nature,mountain, Via Aurland - Wikipedia, the free ...
Norway isn't just stunning in winter. It's pretty fabulous in summer too.

12 Reine

mountainous landforms,reflection,mountain,snow,atmospheric phenomenon, Via Top 10 Mindblowing Landscapes – ...
As pretty as a picture.

13 Andøy

sky,nature,coast,landform,geographical feature, Via Andøy, Northern Norway
"Høyvika", Andøy in northern Norway. A fantastic and abandoned place where fishermen and farmers lived for centuries up to the 1800s.

14 Kjosfossen Waterfall

Kjosfossen Waterfall,waterfall,nature,body of water,atmospheric phenomenon, Via Waterfall dancer
Norway's waterfalls are at their most amazing when swollen with the spring melt waters.

15 Ramme Farm, Vestby, Akershus

pond,tree,body of water,garden,botany, Via Ramme Gaard - Wikipedia, the ...
Simply beautiful.

16 Gudvangen

landform,geographical feature,fjord,mountain,mountain range, There's no need for photographs of Norway to be photoshopped. The landscape is living art.

17 Trollstiegen

Trollstigen,mountainous landforms,nature,mountain,geographical feature, Via Trollstiegen
You'll find lots of things named after trolls in Norway. They are a big part of the folkloric culture.

18 The Lofoten Islands

coast,geographical feature,landform,cliff,ocean, Via AKCollection: Travel The World
One of the most stunning destinations on the planet.

19 Ice Hotel at Sorrisniva, Alta

blue,reflection,light,darkness,screenshot, Via Ice dungeon
It seems logical that Norway has ice hotels.

20 Renndølsetra

highland,sky,mountainous landforms,nature,mountain, Via Renndølsetra, Innerdal
With the Innerdal tower in the background this looks incredibly Norse - don't you think?

21 Sverd I Fjell, Stavanger

Swords in Rock,column,structure,landmark,sculpture, Via looking for rainbows in the ...
The "swords in rock" commemorate the Battle of Hafrsfjord of 872, when King Harald Fairhair gathered all of Norway under one crown.

22 Kjeragbolten, Norway

Profile Rock,Kjerag,rock,cliff,terrain, Via Kjeragbolten
Standing on this rock must be incredible. Dare you?

23 Roller Coaster, Magelibanen

transport,track,rolling stock,mountain,vehicle, Via Home
Another great way to experience some amazing views of the Norwegian countryside.

24 Brudesløret

waterfall,body of water,wind wave,water feature,sea, Via HOME SWEET WORLD: Brudesløret
Bridal Veil Falls: Geiranger Fjord is surrounded by the steepest mountains on the entire west coast of Norway.

25 Arctic Cathedral

aurora,night,atmosphere,star, Via Arctic cathedral
If you're going to get closer to God, do it somewhere heavenly like this.

26 Flam

Flåm,mountainous landforms,landform,mountain range,geographical feature, Via Vlad BlacKer (VladBlacKer)
Do you dream of living in or visiting a place like his?

27 Vigeland Installation, Frogner Park, Oslo

Vigeland Sculpture Park,sculpture,statue,stone carving,monument, Via Oslo Vigeland Park
One of the popular attractions of Norway's capital.

Bonnie it's got to stand for something. Anyone know?...

28 Prekestolen

atmospheric phenomenon,landform,sea,reflection,water, Via Mark Weinberg Photography
Not a place to visit if you have vertigo.

29 Barn House Ulvik

highland,mountainous landforms,mountain,landform,mountain range, Via NORSK CAMPING GUIDE
Imagine waking up to that view ... every day.

30 Oslo

Karl Johans Street,Royal Palace, Oslo,Royal Palace,crowd,city, Via Oslo Opera House / Snohetta
All capital cities are packed with attractions. The picture shows Karl Johans Gate - the main street in Oslo which leads from Oslo S, the train-station, to the Royal Palace.

31 Hunderfossen Park, Lillehammer

statue,sculpture,monument,rock,art, Via Lillehammer
Norway is definitely the land of the trolls.

32 Viking Ship in Oslo Museum

plucked string instruments,carving,wood,string instrument,string instrument, Via Detail on Viking Boat at ...
Where better than to get up close and personal with details of the Vikings?

33 Sami Woman Herder

deer,winter,wildlife,snow,tundra, Via Sami woman herder, Berit Logje ...
A typical sight in Norway's Lapland.

34 Akershus Castle, Oslo,

light,darkness,wall,night,ancient history, Via
You can see almost all of Oslo from this castle.

35 Kjerag

Kjerag,cliff,landform,geographical feature,coast, Via Kjerag
Don't look down!

36 Foglefonna National Park

vehicle,sea,reflection,water,fjord, Via Comfort Spring Station
Ready for a day out on the water?

37 Mølen

shore,sea,rock,coast,beach, Via Rolling Stones by A-Motive on ...
A stunning setting for a spot of beachcombing.

38 Lysefjorden

hill station,mountainous landforms,geographical feature,mountain range,landform, Via ❤✿ღ´´¯`Beautiful Nature ✿ღ´´•. ¸¸. ི♥ྀ.
Does this meet with your definition of beauty?

39 Storfossen and Mettifossen Falls in Malvik Kommune

mountainous landforms,winter,nature,snow,wilderness, Via Frozen waterfall
Frozen waterfalls are incredible sights of nature.

40 Jumping from Storhorn to Lillehorn on the Svolværgeita Pinnacle in Svolvær

rock,cliff,mountain,coast,terrain, Norway has plenty of challenges if you're a bit of a daredevil.

41 Lake Side, Stryn

reflection,nature,green,tree,lake, Via
The definition of peace and tranquility.

Are you going to put Norway on your bucket list of destinations?

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