8 Greek Islands in a Nutshell ...


8 Greek Islands in a Nutshell ...
8 Greek Islands in a Nutshell ...

Greek Islands in a nutshell? Well that’s a tall order. Whilst there is obviously some uniformity in location, ethnicity and culture, each of the Greek Islands enjoys a separate identity. Did you know there are more than 6000 Greek Islands, although only 227 are reported as being inhabited. Choosing just eight was always going to be a challenge so I’ve gone for some you might have heard of and others less familiar. Here are just 8 Greek Islands in a Nutshell:

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Santorini Widely regarded as the best of the Greek Islands, Santorini is the embodiment of the Mediterranean. Glistening white cliffs, lush emerald stretches, sugar soft sands, lapus lazuli waters and sculptured villages clinging to mountainsides or hugging a harbor’s edge, it’s no wonder Santorini is described as magical. Whether you want to capture the beauty on camera or canvas, view a stunning sunset or shop till you drop, trek the hills or simply soak up the sun on the beach or at a pavement café, many say there are few places better than Santorini.



Patmos If you’re in search of harmony and balance, head to the most northerly of the Dodecanese Islands, Patmos. Patmos has a true spiritual quality, this being the location of the cave where John the Divine wrote The Book of Revelations, and unsurprisingly, the island is a place of holy pilgrimage for many Orthodox and Christians. The light is described as ethereal, the beaches abundant and beautiful and the dining on traditional Greek food, immeasurably delicious.



Sifnos Sifnos is one of the Cyclades. Like many Greek Islands it has olive and almond groves covering rocky hillsides. The smell of oleander and fresh herbs like marjoram (oregano) permeate the air and the villages remain traditional with their livelihoods made from pottery and basket weaving. Sifnos is not one of the party islands so visitors can expect a laid back stay in excellent accommodation, friendly locals, serene days and gentle nights.




If you have seen the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, you will already be aware of the beauty of Kefalonia. Despite the facelift some parts received thanks to the movie, Kefalonia remains how people expect Greek Islands to be. Its scenery is diversely dramatic, its beaches stupendous, its climate gorgeous and the cuisine scrumptious. Rocky bays and secluded coves await beach babes and dudes, whilst activity seekers can hike, swim, 4x4 safari, horse ride, cycle or walk their way around the island.



Fourni Fourni is one of the lesser known, less frequented Greek Islands, but no less worthy for being so. Although there’s not a great deal of accommodation, the unspoiled surroundings make for the perfect Mediterranean escape. The tavernas on Fourni have a well-deserved reputation for quality, and if seafood is your culinary passion, this is definitely the place for you. With the catch landing in the harbor every day, you can afford lobster at every meal if you so wish. Some parts of the island are pretty remote but the bays and beaches make it worth the effort of a long hike or a pleasant boat ride.


Fourni is a great destination for those looking for a tranquil Mediterranean escape. The island is made up of 13 small islands, two of which are inhabited. The main town, Fourni Korseon, is home to a few small tavernas and restaurants, as well as a few shops and other amenities. The island's stunning beaches are the perfect place to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. The waters around Fourni are particularly rich in marine life, making it a great spot for snorkeling and diving. The island is also known for its excellent seafood, with the daily catch landing in the harbor. With its remote location and unspoiled surroundings, Fourni is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing holiday.



Zakynthos Also known as Zante, Zakynthos is one of the Ionian Greek Islands. It is a beautiful emerald green and white island popping out of azure seas. Here, beaches are wide and sandy although you might have to share them with sea turtles, oh and one has its very own shipwreck. Divers have a myriad of choice locations including some underwater caves. Walkers rave about the treks in the mountains and water sports lovers enthuse about the sailing, ski-ing, surfing and swimming. It enjoys the accolade of being one of the sunniest Greek Islands so if all you want to do is grab a chilled ouzo and get a tan, this is the place to cop a squat.



Lesvos Or to give it the derivative name, Lesbos, produces half the world’s supply of Ouzo, so it’s no wonder people come here to party. The setting is stunning. Thanks to a volcanic cataclysm, the scenery is stark and forbidding away from the beautiful coast. Lesvos is the third largest of the Greek Islands and is the only place outside of the USA to have a petrified forest. There has always been something a little bohemian about Lesvos and vestiges of its passionate pagan nature of the past remain. There’s a definite festive nature to the island with its pretty towns and villages filled with chic bars and boutiques , and those looking to dance the night away to the latest throbbing Euro-beats won’t be disappointed either.



Tilos Tilos, one of the Cyclades, might well be one of the Greek Islands’ most closely guarded secrets. It is but small, although some would say perfectly formed, and there’s certainly a lot to offer visitors. There’s only 300 residents and they share it with an abundance of wildlife, including more than 120 species of birds. This is the ideal island for walkers, who can wend their way through delightful trails aromatic with the heady scent of wild herbs, that wind between Cypress, Plane and Tamarisk trees. Small, yes, but accommodation is comfortable and inviting, the beaches lovely, and there’s plenty of tavernas, with a wide-arm welcome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-tour around the Greek Islands. I’m sure many of you have a favorite you’d add.

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Andros is by far my favorite Greek island ^_^ The beaches, the nightlife, the historic sites, everything is amazingly wonderful.

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