8 Sizzling Spanish Summer Destinations ...


8 Sizzling Spanish Summer Destinations ...
8 Sizzling Spanish Summer Destinations ...

Europeans – especially the Brits, have been showing their appreciation for places for a summer vacation in Spain for a good few decades now. Summer is here and you’re probably daydreaming of some idyllic, sunny place near the sea – so why not somewhere in Spain? Everybody knows of exciting Madrid and enchanting Barcelona, but have you heard of other beautiful places for summer vacation in Spain? Stunning islands, beach resorts and plenty of sunshine – you might find out that summer destinations in Spain closely resemble those from your dreams. If you decide to turn your daydream to reality, here is the list of 8 sizzling Spanish summer destinations that are worth a visit.

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Canary Islands

Canary Islands Not all places for a summer holiday in Spain are on the mainland. If we had to choose one word to describe the Canary Islands, it would be “paradise”, and you definitely want to end up there! It’s not the tropical paradise of the Caribbean or South Sea Islands. This is paradise for everything you want on vacation – weather, scenery, beaches, history, culture, fab food and masses of things to see and do. You will find many reasons for visit - natural attractions, including Teide National Park, the magnificent volcanic scenery of Lanzarote, the incredible dunes of Maspalomas on Gran Canaria and the exquisite beaches of Tenerife Island are only some of amazing features of this archipelago.



Vigo Situated in the north western region of Galicia known for wine production, Vigo is the perfect destination if you want to enrich your Spanish adventure with flavors of delicious wines. The city is located in the Ria de Vigo, a scenic coastal inlet of the Atlantic, providing an astonishing view for nature driven travelers. Take a chance to visit Peneda-Geres National Park in Portugal, not far from Vigo.



Benidorm Some people may raise their eyebrows at this selection, but for a real ‘Costa’ holiday, Benidorm is one of the best places for a summer vacation in Spain. Yes, it is packed with high-rise hotels and apartment buildings, but the beaches are fabulous, the nightlife is legendary and for kids, it’s vacation heaven. You will see plenty of Union Jack shorts and plenty of German beach towels saving loungers and sun beds, but that is all forgiven because people go to Benidorm for one reason – to have a thoroughly good time.



Toledo If you are visiting Madrid, you don’t want to miss visiting Toledo, which is only 45 minutes away by train. Although its name might recall the apocalyptic atmosphere of the famous El Greco’s painting, Toledo is actually a serene, charming historical town which combines a wonderful mix of Roman, Moorish and Jewish heritage. Fans of history will be delighted with stunning city walls and castles.



Santander Situated on the north coast in the Bay of Biscay, Santander is one of the best-known Atlantic Spanish vacation resorts. Beside the amazing long beaches, the city boasts a number of historical and cultural sights, including the cathedral and the Lighthouse of Cabo Mayor. Santander is also known for its gastronomy, offering an excellent selection of seafood.


La Manga

La Manga Among the all places for summer vacation in Spain, La Manga probably has the most unusual geographic features. It is actually a seaside spit, a narrow strip of land which separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Minor Sea lagoon. The waters of the lagoon have therapeutic qualities due to a high degree of salinity. Not only you can choose your type of beach, but you can choose between two seas.



Andalucia The largest region in Spain, magnificent, fiery, passionate Andalucia is one of the best Spanish summer destinations. Beautiful sunny beaches make only small part of its beauty – Andalucia is a historical region which boasts charming medieval towns where you can get acquainted with local customs and cultural heritage. Visit Ronda, a cradle of bullfighting, or have a sip of the locally made wine in one of thousands of flamenco bars. The Alhambra, the only perfectly preserved Islamic medieval palace, is found in Granada. You’ll also find one of the best shopping areas on the European continent in Andalucia – Puerto Banus, near Marbella.



Tarragona Still unknown to the average tourist, Tarragona is an undiscovered gem of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Excellent beaches and a variety of facilities for tourists, along with historical sights, put Tarragona among the desirable places for summer vacation in Spain. The impressive Roman ruins of Tarraco have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since Barcelona is only one hour away by car, it won’t be difficult to decide about a day trip.

The land of flamenco and bullfights is also a land of breathtaking landscapes and laid-back atmosphere. Spanish people really appreciate good food, and dining is a social event. If you want to feel the true Spanish vibe, try authentic Spanish dishes and drinks in tapas bars, in good company of shiny happy people who enjoy eating and socializing. Cheers!

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It was good to see less well-known destinations such as Vigo and Toledo recommended. However, I am disappointed to see bullfighting mentioned in association with Spain. It is now banned in Catalunya (Barcelona region) and even elsewhere is far less popular than supporters would have you believe.

Thank you for such a wonderful travel article! Having lived in Madrid, I know that Spain is an amazing country everyone should visit, and it is great to read about the must-see hot spots this country has to offer... thank you for unveiling these gems!

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