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7 Reasons to Plan a Last-Minute Vacation ...

By Brittany

There are many reasons to plan a last-minute vacation! Maybe you just feel the sudden urge to get away, or need a change of scenery for a bit. As long as you have the funds and won’t be harming your career, budget or lifestyle, a quick decision to take a vacation or weekend trip can be a fantastic experience! Read on for the reasons to plan a last-minute vacation, and then book that trip you’ve been thinking about!

1 After a Big Change

Possibly one of the best reasons to plan a last-minute vacation is if you’ve just experienced a big change in your life. Did you lose a job or move out of your joint home with your boyfriend? As long as you’ll still be stable when you get back, planning a last-minute vacation after you’ve gone through a big change can be refreshing and resetting! Go somewhere you know you’ll get exactly what you need - be it family time, inspiration or new ideas!

2 Visiting Time

Another great reason to plan a last-minute vacation is to visit friends or family you haven’t seen in a while. Just do it! You’ll have somewhere to stay, and great memories to make. Or plan that joint vacation you always bring up when you best friend comes home for the holidays. Pack up and enjoy!

3 Testing a Move

Another great reason to plan a last-minute vacation is to test out a big move! If you’re thinking of looking for a job in another city, but unsure of whether you’ll like it, take a trip! Scope out where the companies you’re interested in are located, and visit neighboring towns around them. Act like a real local, and get a feel for the town and your potential place in it.

4 Sealing the Deal

If you have a business prospect you’ve been meaning to meet, or some type of reason to check out a city as a new place of growth - go! Set up that lunch or meeting time and plan a little vacation around it. There’s no better way to do something than in-person, and showing up prepared and prepped can do wonders!

5 For a Long Weekend

If you have a long weekend coming up and feel the need to get out of town, plan that vacation now! The earlier the planning begins, the better. If you’re like me, having an extra day to your trip or knowing that it’s a long weekend helps the trip seem worth it. It also helps put you in the mood to relax. So vacay away on your three-day!

6 When Feeling Stale

If you feel the need to change your perspective or get rejuvenated, plan a quick trip! Choose something within your budget, and within your needs. Do you want to visit an old pal or your old hometown? Or maybe you want some time alone or to volunteer? Figure out where your priorities lie, and make that trip worth it so that you come back refreshed!

7 A Celebration

If you and a significant other have something big to celebrate, or if you just wrapped up a huge project at work, take some time to celebrate! Planning a vacation will shift your mind back into normalcy from a huge, stressful project or prep you big-time for party time! Make the planning quick and celebrations easy. Just have fun with it!

So enjoy your vacation and don’t forget how uplifting a last-minute splurge can be! When is the last time you jetted away last-minute? Share, share!

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