8 Reasons to Travel when You're Young ...


8 Reasons to Travel when You're Young ...
8 Reasons to Travel when You're Young ...

Traveling is one of the most amazing things you can do and there are so many reasons to travel when you’re young. It teaches you so much, about yourself and about everything around you. Not everyone is fortunate enough to travel when they are young, but if you have the opportunity you should absolutely take it. You will become a better person for it. Here are some of my reasons to travel when you’re young.

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Learn about the World

One of the most basic reasons to travel when you’re young is that you get to learn all about the world around you. Just by talking to locals, trying new foods, and having new experiences, you are seeing the whole world out there. Our planet is a pretty big one, and by traveling, you are taking in so much of a culture that you never would experience had you stayed home.


Learn about Yourself

You may think you know about yourself. But when you are running around a foreign city, with no knowledge of the area or language, you tend to learn about yourself. Traveling when you are young gives you a sense of independence and modesty. Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone, and that is where you learn the most about yourself.


Make New Friends

For some reason, some people have this idea that everyone in the world hates America. But that is simply not true. In every country I have ever been to, I have been welcomed by the friendliest and warmest people I have ever met. Most people around the world are eager to hear my story and learn from me. If you are open to meeting new people when you travel, you will soon make tons of friends all across the world.


Get Some Culture

When you travel as a young adult, you are introduced to new and unique cultures from all around. Even if you don’t mean to, you are picking up on that culture and bringing it into your life. Having some culture in your life is one of the most amazing things you can do as a young adult. You gain an appreciation for different people from around the world and you learn to respect new cultures that are different from your own.



As a huge foodie, I am always in search of new authentic foods to try around the world. There are so many incredible and delicious foods out there, and the only way to get the real-deal, and not the American version, is to travel. Traveling when you are young teaches you to try new things, especially food, and will teach you a new appreciation for authentic and local food.


Inspire You

You are young and you may not know what you want to do with your life. Traveling can inspire a course of action that will shape the rest of your life. When you have seen so much of the world at such a young age, it can mold you into a whole new person. After traveling to Israel, I was inspired to join other support of Israel on my college campus. My friend was inspired to support the fight against poverty in Africa after taking a trip there. You never know what you will see in your travels, but there is chance that even the smallest of trips can inspire you to change your life.


Less Things Holding You down

As you grow older you will get a job, maybe get married and have a few kids. Suddenly it won’t seem so easy to drop everything and backpack through Europe. When you are younger, you have less holding you back from the adventure of a lifetime. Being a young adult, you are the in the perfect stage of your life where you are mature enough to learn from the world around you, but not old enough to be held down by the responsibilities of an adult.


You Will Become Independent

Traveling when you are young is very different than your family vacation to Disney World. When you are traveling as a young adult, you don’t have your parents there to hold your hand. You will be put in real world situations and you will have to make big decisions. Experiences like these will teach you to think for yourself and give you the independence needed to take on the world. There is nothing quite like knowing you can navigate the world on your own.

No matter where in the world you travel, it will mold you into a new person. You gain an appreciation for the beauty around you and it can inspire you to change your whole outlook on life. I am personally so thankful I have had the opportunity to travel so much at such a young age. What do you think are some reasons to travel when you’re young? Have you traveled a lot at a young age? Did you see any changes in yourself after traveling?

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Absolutely right. :)

Isn't it spelt 'travelling'

Everyone should read this

Love traveling

I travelled on my own and with a friend & I can say that travelling on your own is more rewarding! And sometimes safer, believe it or not! Be cautious, keep your passport close, have 2 wallets - 1 for the day, another for your whole journey.. Be firm.. & have fun!

Hi Raz. Not in US English- just one l. There are writers from all over the globe on AWS so you'll find US and British English. I realise that might well be confusing if English isn't your first language.

America?? I am from the continent of america but not from the USA lets stop categorizing the USA as a full continent for Gods sake!!!! And thats why some people dont like people from the USA

The best one: Learn about yourself :)

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