Excellent Reasons to Pack up and Travel Europe ...


Excellent Reasons to Pack up and Travel Europe ...
Excellent Reasons to Pack up and Travel Europe ...

Only last year I caught the travel bug, and went off exploring the hidden treasures of a continent which has provided me with the motivation to return once more and go travel around Europe. You have probably heard countless times that it is a small world that we live in but that is still no excuse not to go and explore a wonder of our planet that awaits you. Europe may be the world’s second-smallest continent but the sheer array of stunning destinations, landmarks and cultures it has to offer will provide you with the enthusiasm to book your ticket and start planning your trip. Sometimes we all need to get away and seek an adventure of a lifetime so here are seven reasons to travel around Europe.

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Different Cultures All within Close Proximity

The magic of the InterRail pass opens up an incredible amount of options for you when deciding on what places to visit as you travel around Europe. Europe is not like America as it takes hours rather than days to travel between different destinations. Travelling from country to country provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your journey as well as take in the breathtaking scenery. In a small matter of time you will be witnessing a total contrast in ways of life as you learn about the traditions and philosophies that encapsulate each country and give them their own unique identity.


The People

I was lucky enough to meet some incredible people on my journey and I am sure you will to. Isn’t it so fulfilling when you meet somebody totally out of the blue and you remain friends forever? You will never feel alone on your journey. If you are lost and need to find your nearest hostel then there will somebody out there who will go out of their way to guide you to your destination.


Chance to Discover New Taste Buds

The variety in European food is quite something. From Germany’s currywurst to my own personal favorite the Danish bacon hot dog, you will be spoilt for choice with hidden restaurants and local delicacies waiting to be discovered. You will want to try everything and food will appear on your plate that you never knew existed. The unique flavours and exquisite tastes you shall come across will leave you wanting more. Add to this some fine wine or a distinctive pint of European beer and you will be well away. Are you tempted yet?


You Will Only Need One Currency

With a few exceptions, you can visit the majority of the fifty countries in Europe and use the same currency – the Euro. It will save you a lot of hassle routing through your wallet or purse trying to establish what type of coin or bank notes you possess and require. For those countries that still retain their monetary independence do not despair as each country in Europe is well worth a visit.


The History

Europe is the homeland – the birthplace of western culture. It is a continent steeped in history and was the prominent setting for both World Wars. You will uncover facts that will leave you in shock as well as fascination. If you ever need showing around a particular area then there are friendly and charismatic tour guides aplenty to satisfy your quench for knowledge even more. You are never too young to learn right?


Create Everlasting Memories

In Europe every picture will take pride of place on a postcard as your snap happy fingers create unforgettable scenes and memories that will be with you until the day you die. Think astounding architecture, stunning scenery and a refreshing variation of cultures that you will learn all about as you travel the continent. Maybe you could bring along your best friends to make those moments extra special?


You Only Live Once

There is no place like home, but then again there is nothing quite like the adventure of a lifetime. Opportunities to travel don’t come around often so do it why you have the freedom and finances to set forth on your voyage. Travelling around Europe will provide you with the opportunity to discover the history, the present and future of a continent that will offer you an experience that you will never want to end.

Travelling takes us on an emotional journey of discovery as we learn about ourselves, spending our time taking in new surroundings and most importantly having fun. If you could choose any country to visit in Europe which one would you choose?

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