7 Reasons to Take the Kids on a round the World Trip ...


7 Reasons to Take the Kids on a round the World Trip ...
7 Reasons to Take the Kids on a round the World Trip ...

There are so many reasons to take the kids on a round world trip - reasons that are definitely strong enough for you to finally stop wondering about it and actually do it. Whether or not you've travelled in the past, doing it with your most loved ones is an experience you will never be able to forget, and one that I very, very much doubt you would regret. So here are 7 reasons to take the kids on a round world trip, and I hope they will inspire you to book that plane ticket!

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Zest for Life

At home, kids are worrying about the latest toy that all their friends have, or why they haven’t got the right trainers, but one of the reasons to take the kids on a round world trip is to get away from all that and appreciate what really matters. A year spent travelling? They're going to learn from a young age that what really matters in life is what you do, not what you have. And when they're older, they're going to have all those wonderful memories to carry with them and hopefully to build on with their own families on turn. It's one very special way to teach them how to appreciate what's important in life.


Cultured Young Things

I think it's incredibly important to understand and appreciate cultures outside of your own. Yes, you may read about it in books etc, but for me, you can't beat actually going somewhere and throwing yourself wholeheartedly into local life. You may be worried about taking your children out of school for a year or so, but what education could they get there that can possibly match the understanding you get from experiencing it all firsthand?


New People

Think of all the wonderful people you'll meet on your travels, both your children and you. Having made friends all around the world, your children are going to realise from a very young age that it doesn't matter where you're from, what language you speak - everyone's worth their time. Besides, how many kids can boast about having friends on more than two continents?!


It's Not as Stressful as You May Think

You may want to go travelling, but just feel like it’s simply not possible with young children. But don't give up without exploring your options - travelling with family is a lot more common than you might think and there are hundreds of tips and guides out there from people who've already done it. Don't give up on something that could be amazing just because it may be challenging too. Those always end up being the best things anyway!


Quality Time

With all the worries that come with modern life, with the long hours and the money worries, quality time with your family can sometimes be the thing that suffers. A round the world trip will literally be a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with each other on a level that just doesn't happen on a day to day basis at home. Chances are, you'll be a closer family when you return than when you left.


An Education

I've heard so many people talk about how much they learnt whilst they were travelling. I know it's a cliche, but as well as seeing firsthand the world around you - and seeing things that some people may only see on the TV - your kids will learn about the sort of things they would otherwise only read about in a textbook at school. How many kids are lucky enough to be able to say that? And who knows - maybe you'll all fall in love with Brazil, up sticks and open a bikini shop on the beach.



This is probably the most obvious reason...but think how much fun you'll all have! It'll probably be quite literally the time of your lives and you'll come back with experiences you'll remember forever, experiences that you would have shared with the most important people in your lives.

I'm getting all excited just writing this - I can't wait to grab my backpack and head into the hills, although it may be a good few years before I can take my kids with me. Plus, there are so many options for where to go and what to do...there's bound to be something for your family out there. What are your travelling experiences and advice?

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@Neecey Beresford no. That's not what I'm saying. Everyone has culture. Culture is the environment around you and what you experienced throughout your life. You can't gain more culture. Everyone has the same amount of culture. And you can't get rid of your culture. You are who you are.

I have traveled my entire life, and it has really made me into a well rounded person. I have respect for the cultures.

The word "culture" is misused in this article and its quite annoying. Everyone has culture and the can't become "more cultured" it's really annoying when things are miswritten in these articles.

@Goldie the most important thing to any writer should be grammar.

@Corrica, you obviously need a vacation. Seriously just read the article stop worrying about grammar and enjoy life

Nice article

One gains culture through life, living, education and experiences. It's a fabulous article. I hope to be able to afford any sort of travel for my kids, to open their eyes to others and the entire world and what they can offer to their neighbors.

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