7 European Destinations to Consider Vacationing in ...


7 European Destinations to Consider Vacationing in ...
7 European Destinations to Consider Vacationing in ...

I know summer is three long months away but it might not be such a bad idea to start discussing potential destinations right now, before all the good arrangements and cheap plane tickets are sold out. Do you agree? Here are 7 European destinations to consider vacationing in:

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Skopelos, Greece

Have you seen the movie Mamma Mia? Well, believe me, gorgeous landscape seen in the movie has nothing to do with special effects, special camera lenses or the camera crew’s skill and ability to make something look prettier than it actually is. I’ve been here myself and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This island is absolutely perfect for family vacation as there is not much partying going on. In fact, having unsuccessfully trying to locate a club that’s FULL , I’d say there isn’t ANY partying going on, at least not in the way I imagine a good party. You’ll have the opportunity to swim in the water that is so clean, you’ll be able to see fishes swimming around you! Good food goes without saying, especially if you like seafood and don’t forget to try the special Skopelos cheese pie as it is literally out of this world.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Summer Games, traditional medieval-style carnival and gorgeous landscape – there are plenty of interesting things to see and experience in this popular summer destination. No, there isn’t a war going on there, I know that’s probably the first thing you think about when any of the ex-Yugoslav countries are mentioned. Feel free to see for yourself, I bet you’ll be surprised to see how gorgeous Croatian seaside is!


Rimini, Italy

This part of the Adriatic coast is perfect for ones that enjoy moderately hot weather, at least according to my best friend who has been here last summer. I’ve visited this part of Italy in early spring and I can’t say much about the weather but I can tell you that you’ll have a great time and see plenty of great things. You can spend a day in Venice, too and make some amazing photos to show to your friends and family. If you’re residing in Europe or planning to visit the “old continent” for the summer, I definitely suggest to start by vacationing in Italy.


Ios, Greece

They say this island is cheaper than Mykonos and just as good in terms of nightlife and parties so you’ll definitely find me getting my suntan on one of its beaches this year! Ios belongs to the group of Cyclades islands and isn’t as green as Skopelos, although that doesn’t mean it’s not just as great. The island attracts mostly young people so if you’re in the party mood, feel free to come and visit because party is exactly what you’ll get. I can’t wait!


Kusadasi, Turkey

Oh, I must tell you Kusadasi is definitely a place to check out. Now, I know this might sound strange but Turkey is very popular here in the south-eastern Europe and I totally understand why – you can get an all-inclusive package for a really ridiculous price. Turkey really has a lot to offer and folks are incredibly friendly so whether it’s partying, chilling under the sun, enjoying shopping or sightseeing you want – you can rest assured you’ll find it here. It’s something you have to see and experience yourself, I can’t provide anything that would even closely explain the crazy drivers, chaotic public transportation, splash of colors everywhere and the fact that price is always a subject of negotiation, even in coffee shops, clubs and restaurants. Totally weird and very interesting!


Amalfi Coast, Italy

This popular hi-end wedding and honeymoon resort and the popular hideout of celebrities could be your ideal vacation destination too. Landscape is breathtaking, people are friendly, food is good and there are some interesting sights to see too. Incredible Amalfi Coast is the sight on its own and when you get tired of the view, you can always hop to a local tavern or head off to some of the popular restaurants. The choice is yours and, whatever you do, take plenty of pictures as you’d definitely want to keep this memories vivid and fresh in your mind.



But how about a less “beachy” holiday? If you’re in the mood to travel back in time and enjoy green pastures, countryside, impressive cliffs and castles, you’ll definitely love Ireland. But, wait, who said you have to skip the beach! Ireland has everything plus beached to offer and you’ll be allowed to take a splash wearing nothing more than your birthday suit. If you start booking now, your vacation may turn out to be a bargain, remember that!

So, tell me – does any one of these European destinations sounds interesting to you? I’d say, that, in order to consider vacationing in a certain destination, I must make sure the climate is very hot and there are places to go out for something more dynamic than eating.

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I would add Cyprus. (although many people argue whether it´s an European or an Asian country) Good choices, although I disagree on Rimini. I don´t think it´s a place worth visiting, unless you just want to spend your holidays drinking ;P

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