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We saw some of the gorgeous sights of India in an earlier article so now it's time to turn the spotlight on the beautiful people of India. I'm not going to give a factual commentary because the diversity of the people of India - the ethnicity, costumes, language, and customs - is so wide, it is somewhat bewildering! Let's just enjoy a photo album of some of the beautiful people of India.

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Jewelry of Gujarat

Jewelry of Gujarat Via Inde - Gujarat - ગુજરાત ...

The people of India are so much associated with colorful costume and piles of jewelry.


Market Street

Market Street Via Mapusa market

Street markets are among the most colorful scenes in India.


Bharat Natyam

Bharat Natyam Via 40 Beautiful Photos of India

A classic form of Indian dance.


Colorful India

Colorful India Via Colorful India | Very cool ...

If you were ever in doubt that India is a colorful nation.


Gadaba Fashion

Gadaba Fashion Via Gadaba Fashion © Tom Carter ...

Such an incredible collection of jewelry.


Rajasthani Women

Rajasthani Women Via ذهنت را باز کن

All dressed up to go to the fair (the Pushkar Camel Fair.)


Harijan Woman, Vrindava

Harijan Woman, Vrindava Thank heaven they no longer call them "Untouchables"


A Holy Man of Haridwar at Har-Ki-Pairi

A Holy Man of Haridwar at Har-Ki-Pairi Via A Portrait

The holy men of India make such fabulous portrait subjects.


Women at Work, Orissa

Women at Work, Orissa Via Orissa : Chatikona #2

I wonder how long it takes to learn to balance huge packages on your head.


Indian Bride

Indian Bride Via Indian Bride

Such beauty for her special day.


Tea Picker in Darjeeling

Tea Picker in Darjeeling Via Slim Pickins

The tea crop is still picked by hand.


A Semi-nomad Woman from Rajasthan

A Semi-nomad Woman from Rajasthan Via A semi-nomad woman from Rajasthan, ...

The lines of life are etched on her face.


Street Food

Street Food Happiness is a full belly.


Patiala, Punjab

Patiala, Punjab Via little masters copy

Time to herd the goats home.


The Patriarchs

The Patriarchs Via All sizes | The Patriarchs ...

Age and wisdom is much revered in society.


The Night of Henna

The Night of Henna Via san francisco city hall wedding ...

Decoration with henna is an important pre-wedding ritual.


Kalbelia Dance

Kalbelia Dance Via All sizes | eKalbelia | ...

A Kalbelia folk dancer from the Kalbelia tribe. The Kalbelias are known as snake catchers and snake charmers.


The Kalbelia Dance is a traditional folk dance performed by the Kalbelia tribe in India. This tribe is known for their expertise in catching and charming snakes, and their dance reflects this connection to nature. The dancers wear colorful and intricate costumes adorned with mirrors and beads, which add to the visual appeal of the performance. The dance is accompanied by traditional musical instruments like the dholak, pungi, and kartal. It is a lively and energetic dance that involves rapid movements and graceful twirls, often mimicking the movements of a snake. The Kalbelia Dance has gained popularity and is now performed at cultural events and festivals all over India.


Jat Woman

Jat Woman Via Asia - India / Jat ...

The Jat are one of the hidden tribes of India.


The Jat people are a community in India that has a rich and fascinating history. They are known for their bravery and resilience, and have played a significant role in shaping the country's culture and traditions. The Jat women, in particular, are known for their beauty and colorful attire, which reflects their vibrant culture. They are often seen wearing bright and intricately designed sarees, adorned with traditional jewelry and accessories. The Jat women are also known for their strong work ethic and are actively involved in various professions such as farming, teaching, and business. Despite facing challenges and discrimination, the Jat women continue to thrive and contribute to the diverse and beautiful tapestry of India's people.


Rajasthani Girl

Rajasthani Girl Via portrait fillette rajasthan

Rajasthan is possibly the most colorful of the Indian states.


Cotton Candy Vendor

Cotton Candy Vendor Via Cotton candy bicycle in India

In India, cotton candy is known as buddhi k baal which means "old woman's hair"


Passengers on a Train

Passengers on a Train Via Sharing space with the others

Train journeys are one of the truly great experiences of travel in India.


Devotee of Vishnu

Devotee of Vishnu Via Devote of Vishnu, Pushkar, Rajasthan, ...

Vishnu represents water so is depicted as being blue so devotees follow the custom.



Varanasi Varanasi is the spiritual capital of India. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The woman is throwing petals into the sacred River Ganges.


The Himalayas


Imagine having this view on your way to work every day.


Imagine the serenity of being surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Himalayas, where the air is crisp and the vistas are breathtaking. This isn't just a scene from a nature documentary, but a real possibility for those who call this region home. Waking up to the sight of snow-capped mountains and winding rivers, locals experience a profound connection to nature that many city dwellers yearn for. The Himalayas serve as a daily reminder of the raw, untamed beauty of India, captivating the hearts of both residents and travelers alike with their grandeur.



Sādhu A sādhu (sādhvī in the female form) is a spiritual person who has renounced the ways of the material world.


Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh

Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh Via Monk and Mountains

A trainee priest at the Buddhist monastery which is located at an elevation of 10,800 feet in the Himalayas.


Woman Drying Her Sari on Konark Beach, Odisha

Woman Drying Her Sari on Konark Beach, Odisha Via wish!

Did you know there was so much fabric in a sari?


Lambadi Women

Lambadi Women Via india - andhra pradesh

The Lambadi people are also known as the Banjara.


Woman Carrying Grass from a Market

Woman Carrying Grass from a Market Via VIVRE ! | nezua: lunacylover: ...

Taking grass home to feed the cattle.


Indian Groom

Indian Groom Via ModernRani

The stunning costume of an Indian groom.


Woman in Bijapur

Woman in Bijapur Via Lambadi

Another wonderful example of traditional dress.


Gelugpa Monk

Gelugpa Monk Via gelugpa, bonnet jaune

Gelug is the fourth and most recent of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It was formed in the early 1400s and is the sect to which the Dalai Lama belongs.


Hot Bed

Hot Bed Via Hot Bed! by Heather Prince

A chili vendor taking a nap.


Sukh Deva

Sukh Deva Via Guruji #2. Varanasi, India

Sukh Deva, aka Guruji, is a well known Shaiva sädhu (devotee of Lord Shiva) in Varanasi. You'll find him most often on the ghats by the Ganges surrounded by his disciples,


Male Portrait

Male Portrait Via Saddhu

It isn't just women who are the colorful people of India.


Women of Bundi

Women of Bundi Via Women of Bundi * Rajasthan ...

There's always time to for a good old natter.


Young Bonda Woman

Young Bonda Woman Via india - orissa

The Bonda people live in the isolated hill regions of southwestern Odisha


A Guard of the Golden Temple of Amritsar

A Guard of the Golden Temple of Amritsar Via Guard, with the most amazing, ...

100,000 people visit the Sikh holy shrine at Amritsar every day.


Man Attending the Festivities at Ladakh

Man Attending the Festivities at Ladakh Via All sizes | portrait of ...

Loving that the men wear flowers.


Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue Such sumptuous colors.


Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue is a jazz-influenced classical composition written in 1924. It is one of the most popular pieces of American music and has been performed by countless orchestras and soloists around the world. The piece is known for its vibrant colors and its unique blend of classical and jazz styles. It has been featured in many films, including the popular "Fantasia 2000". In India, it has been performed by many renowned musicians, including the late Ravi Shankar. The piece has also been used in several Bollywood films, such as "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" and "Dil To Pagal Hai". Rhapsody in Blue continues to be a popular piece of music, and is sure to be enjoyed by many travelers to India.


Varanasi Baba

Varanasi Baba Via Varanasi Baba

Baba is an Urdu word which means an old man, or used by some people for dad or grandfather.


The SĀDHU and the Taj

The SĀDHU and the Taj So serene and a beautiful setting with the Taj Mahal in the background.


Dust Storm, Rajasthan

Dust Storm, Rajasthan Via Sentinels of the Earth

Huddle together to shelter from the dust. Those saris come in handy to protect the eyes.


Woman in Pushkar

Woman in Pushkar Via Ip_india_03

Radiant in red.


Jeweled Bride

Jeweled Bride Via Forever Young & Weird.

All brides are beautiful but Indian brides are totally


The Water Bearers

The Water Bearers Via The Water Bearers

It's the women who walk to the well each day to fetch water.


Varanasi Bath Time

Varanasi Bath Time Washing in the sacred river.


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Via Panoramio - Photo of TAJ ...

The hot fiery saris are such a contrast to the cool marble.


Male Portrait

Male Portrait Via Indian Dancer

Oh my - isn't he handsome? And his skin is gorgeous.


A Dancer at the Attachamayam in Kerala

A Dancer at the Attachamayam in Kerala Via A Face in the Crowd ...

The Onan is the state festival of Kerala.


Jaipur Playtime

Jaipur Playtime Via Steve McCurry's Blog

There's always time for play even when tending the goats.


A Study in Grey

A Study in Grey Via travel.nationalgeographic.com

This Rajasthani man is hypnotic - don't you think?



Namaste Via India: State, Gender, Community The ...

Namaste is a universal greeting.


A Room with a View

A Room with a View I wonder what she's thinking about?


Rajasthan Street Scene

Rajasthan Street Scene Via Rajasthan

Indians are enterprising people - they'll make use of all transport options.


Durga Puja

Durga Puja Via durga puja.....

Durga Puja is an annual 5-day Hindu Festival Celebrated in South Asia


Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai Via It's Mumbai, Yaar!

Everyone is happy to spend a day on the beach.


Sikh Man

Sikh Man Via 30 Meters of Turban – ...

Can you believe this turban contains 30 meters of cloth? Astounding!


Indian Saris

Indian Saris Via All sizes | Jodhpur saris, ...

I often wonder if women try to outdo each other in the boldness of their colors and patterns. With so much gorgeousness who do you stand out?


Varanasi Fabric Seller

Varanasi Fabric Seller Via Souls of my Shoes

He looks kinda drab next to the jewel-colored fabrics.


Paradox of Color

Paradox of Color Via Untitled

There is no such things as clashing colors in India.


Sweeping the Steps

Sweeping the Steps Via Sweeping the steps - 42-25269326 ...

Simple tasks, easily done.



Holi Via Nandgaon Holi Festival, India

As if there wasn't enough color, India has a Festival of Colors.


Indian Beauty

Indian Beauty Breathtaking!


Life in a Monastery

Life in a Monastery The next generation of Buddhist monks.


Saffron and burgundy robes become a sea of color flowing through the monastic quarters. These monks, young and old, carry forth not just the traditions of their faith, but the vibrant essence of Indian culture itself. Their days start before dawn with prayers and meditation, the incense mingling with the first light. Throughout the day, the rhythmic chant of ancient scriptures is a testament to their dedication. It's a life of simplicity and discipline, a stark contrast to the bustling cities just beyond the temple walls, yet an integral thread in the rich tapestry of India's soul.


A Tower of Pots

A Tower of Pots Via India

Seriously? But, seriously! How?


Rabari Girls

Rabari Girls Via Tiziana & Gianni Baldizzone Photographes ...

They must feel weighed down by all those beads.


Sand Dunes, the Desert of Rajasthan

Sand Dunes, the Desert of Rajasthan Via History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, ...

Even in muted colors, the people of India are an arresting sight.


Having a Paddle

Having a Paddle Via "The aim of life is ...

Letting their hair down! There's just something so joyful about this.


Fiery Colors

Fiery Colors Via Sari Worker: Photo by Photographer ...

The colors are as spicy as the food.


Making Dinner

Making Dinner Via travel.nationalgeographic.com

No microwaves or bread makers here.


Wash Day in Udaipur

Wash Day in Udaipur Via wash day - Udaipur, India

And no top loaders here.


Rainy Day

Rainy Day Via I Know You Can Cover ...

This is so cute.



Salaam Via ~ beauty...

A gesture of respect.


Rabari Women in Ajabarth

Rabari Women in Ajabarth Via BEFORE THEY -

I wonder how long it takes to be fully decked out like this.


Children of Hyderabad

Children of Hyderabad Via SOME WILD THING

The smile of a child is a precious thing.


Camel Sellers

Camel Sellers Via Desert Dreamer

Time for a tea break.



Offering Via (via touba) - mud puddle ...

Jain statues are often huge.


Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day Via India, Orissa State, Puri, shark ...

The family will eat well for the next few days.


Kutia Kondh Tribal Woman in a Small Orissa Village

Kutia Kondh Tribal Woman in a Small Orissa Village Via Travel Photography Portfolio - https://www.coolephotography.co.uk

Few tribes practice facial tattoos these days.


Rajasthani Folk Singer

Rajasthani Folk Singer Via Rajasthani Folk Musician

His instrument is a ravanhatta.


Rabari Man

Rabari Man Via BEFORE THEY -

He looks so fierce.


Procession of Color

Procession of Color Via Choosing My Next Travel Destination... ...

What a glorious scene.



Contrast Via We're So Obsessed With Mila ...

Just a tiny dot of blue makes all the difference.


Indian Train

Indian Train Via Importance of Elsewhere

When there's no room inside fear ye not, there's plenty of room up top.


The Indian train is a form of transportation that is popular among locals and travelers alike. It is the most efficient way to get around the country, as it is both economical and reliable. The trains are usually very crowded, but they offer travelers a unique way to experience the culture and beauty of India.

The Indian Railway is the fourth largest railway network in the world, with more than 11,000 trains running daily. It is also the world’s second-largest employer, with more than 1.3 million people working in its various departments. The Indian Railway serves more than 7,500 stations, covering over 65,000 kilometers of track.

The Indian trains are known for their unique atmosphere, as they are often filled with locals and travelers from all around the world. The trains are usually quite crowded, but they offer a unique way to experience the culture and beauty of India. The trains are also known for their vibrant colors, as they are often decorated with colorful flags, banners, and other decorations.


An Indian Mother and Child

An Indian Mother and Child Via Baby Earrings - A mother ...

Is there anything so wondrous as a mother and her child?


Family Travel

Family Travel Via daarjeling2

What happens when a second child arrives?


Indian Gypsy Girl, Jaisalmer

Indian Gypsy Girl, Jaisalmer Via Desert Dreamer

Spread a smile of joy.

The portraits of India and its people are bound to bring a smile to your face. Did they?

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My awesome colourful India👍♥️

Neecey the only point I want to make here is that the readers of this article shouldn't think that India is only what's shown in these pictures ...It's much more beautiful AND DIVERSE

I m an proud Indian and I m proud of my tradition

Pics r realy great, but the facts writer got here r al wrong, so many words r mispelled, dere is no place like vrindava n no fest like onan, no vishnu follower paints demselves blue,or men only wear flower on dere head when dey r playing a role or smthing of a lady. So showing a bicycle and a family doesnt show any beauty, we totally get what u r tryn to show to the world.

From an outsider looking in (not knowing anything about Indian culture) I wouldn't have known if these pics were taken in a rural area or not. These pictures are so very beautiful and just by what I've seen I would love to travel there. Culture is alive and thriving there and spiritually beautiful! By reading the comments it just means there is a whole other part of India to be amazed by because this alone was breathtaking. Perhaps the women who disagree with this article should make another article, we would all love to see what you all think this article is lacking.

the diversity of our cultures are too wide to be shown in even a hundred articles tbh!

I have understood your point of bringing out the cultural and traditional side of India... I appreciate your effort :)

I agree part of India is poor, but not of all it. Sadly all these pictures emphasize on the poor state of India. There is much more to India than this. None of the pictures show modern India with so many metropolitan cities which are no less than New York or Toronto. Sadly people still think of India as a land of snake charmers.

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