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Fall in New England is something you have to see to believe. I know you've probably heard about it more times than you care to, and listening to locals and frequent visitors go on and on about it may get tiring. As a Massachusetts transplant, however, let me tell you that it's everything you hear about and more. In fact, fall in New England is one of the reasons I know I want to live here the rest of my life. Photos of a New England autumn don't look real. You'd swear they'd all been photoshopped, until you have the opportunity to see them up close. I hope that some day you all get to visit one of the New England states, at least, but until then, let me show you a little bit of this glorious season.

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New England Stream

New England Stream Via The Mobile Wallpaper: Nature 240 ...

Like I said, photos of fall in New England look like they've been photoshopped. There are all sorts of hidden streams, rivers, and ponds that produce autumn sights like this.


A Patchwork

A Patchwork Via Bar Harbor, Maine - Sunset

From Boston to Bar Harbor, views like this are easy to find but always breathtaking.


Vermont Foliage

Vermont Foliage Via Photo Galleries - Yankee Magazine

Vermont really does have some of the most amazing fall foliage.


Woodstock, New Hampshire

Woodstock, New Hampshire Via Dawns Foliage Reflection by Jeff ...

Almost as colorful as the Woodstock festival, just a bit further north! Can you believe that reflection?


Autumn in Vermont

Autumn in Vermont Via flickeflu.com

This wandering Vermont lane is so dreamy.


Autumn in Vermont is a sight to behold. The rolling hills and valleys are blanketed in a gorgeous array of colors - from bright oranges and yellows to deep reds and purples. The trees are alive with the sound of birds singing and the crisp, cool air is scented with the smell of fallen leaves.

The winding country roads of Vermont are perfect for a scenic drive or a leisurely bike ride. The scenery is breathtaking and the views of the surrounding countryside are spectacular. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing.

Vermont is also home to some of the best restaurants in the country. From cozy cafes to fine dining establishments, there is something to please all palates. The local farmers markets are a great way to get fresh, local produce and other food items.

When the leaves begin to change, the small towns of Vermont become even more charming. The streets are lined with quaint shops and art galleries, and the locals are always willing to share their stories and traditions.


New England Church

New England Church Via 20 Most Beautiful Churches Around ...

New England is full of old, spiraling churches, and they always make for fab photo ops.


Connecticut Autumn

Connecticut Autumn Via Fall Fun

This is a Connecticut country lane, straight out of a storybook.


Dover, New Hampshire

Dover, New Hampshire Via New England Foliage

I love driving up to New Hampshire for sights like this.


Fall Fog

Fall Fog Via America the beautiful

How surreal does this look? New England seems to sprawl on forever.


Fall Rainbow

Fall Rainbow Via Photograph - Fall Landscape - ...

Could it get any better than a double rainbow.


Silver Cascade, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

Silver Cascade, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire Via Silver Cascade, Crawford Notch, New ...

How gorgeous is this?


Covered Bridge near Chelsea, Vermont

Covered Bridge near Chelsea, Vermont Via Jim Zuckerman is a stock ...

You can find all sorts of covered bridges dotted throughout the New England countryside. If you ever spot one, make sure you snap a photo!


Eaton, New Hampshire

Eaton, New Hampshire Via Eaton, New Hampshire

As you can see, New Hampshire is also well known for its gorgeous foliage. This is right at the start of fall, so you can spot all the Judas trees, tattling on autumn's approach.


Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts Via All sizes | New England ...

You really can't beat Boston in the fall. Come by, we'll go out for pumpkin beer!


Leaves on the Water

Leaves on the Water Via New England Fall by Mandi ...

Such a blazing bright red!


Waterfall Bridge, Woodstock, Vermont

Waterfall Bridge, Woodstock, Vermont Via Phoenix Legend

Vermont had a Woodstock all its own, and it's worth visiting for many reasons but you should definitely try to find this charming bridge.


Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Massa

Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Massa Via Grist Mill in Autumn

Sudbury is one of my favorite places to visit in autumn, and yes, the Inn is definitely worth a trip.


Steeple Church

Steeple Church Via Farming On Faith: Fall

See? These types of churches look so wonderful in photos!


All That Glitters is Gold

All That Glitters is Gold Via Fall foliage print winner for ...

Can you believe how golden the leaves are?


Arched Bridge

Arched Bridge Via Arched Bridge | Somesville | ...

Wouldn't you love to walk across this bridge in a shower of autumn leaves?


On the Water's Edge

On the Water's Edge Via Strikes Our Fancy

Every color you can imagine!


Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts

Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts Via Acorn St. by Joann Vitali

This is Acorn Street in Beacon Hill. I dream of living here someday, just for scenes like this.


Autumn in Technicolor

Autumn in Technicolor Via cdn.indulgy.com

This looks like a rainbow gradient. I want to hang this on my wall.


Post Office, Litchfield, Connecticut

Post Office, Litchfield, Connecticut Via Items similar to I'm a ...

See? You see a post office every day, but rarely does it look as perfect as this.


Sleepy Hollow Farm, South Pomfret, Vermont

Sleepy Hollow Farm, South Pomfret, Vermont Via dpreview.com

This is a little slice of perfection – and the name is perfect, don't you think?


Forest Aflame

Forest Aflame Via awesomepaiting.blogspot.com

Those trees look like they're actually on fire.


An Autumn Rainbow

An Autumn Rainbow Via USA: an insider's guide

This simply doesn't look real.


Secret Forests

Secret Forests Via Autumn...

How dark and dreamy does this look? I would love to visit it during Halloween!


Autumn in New Hampshire

Autumn in New Hampshire Via Orange and Gold

This lane in New Hampshire makes me want to go exploring in the woods.


Old Crawford Farm Grist Mill

Old Crawford Farm Grist Mill Via images.search.yahoo.com

Shots of old mills are amazing anyway, but I love the fall backdrop here.


Vermont in the Fall

Vermont in the Fall Via The "Joy of Fall"

Another dreamy country lane!


The Berkshires

The Berkshires Via plombier paris 19 eme - ...

You really can't come to Massachusetts in autumn without paying homage to the Berkshires.


Linwood House at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA

Linwood House at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA Via roadtrippers.com

Stockbridge is a lovely place to visit, and this just illustrates one of the reasons why.


Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine Via Teatime in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor might be something of a honky tonk town in summer, but once fall rolls around, it's calm and quaint and so appealing.


Railroad Bridge, Vermont

Railroad Bridge, Vermont Via Autumn Railroad Bridge, Vermont - ...

This isn't just a photo, it's a work of art. I love old train bridges and trestles!


Turners Falls, Massachusetts

Turners Falls, Massachusetts Via Dying of cute

Turners Falls is such a quaint place, but it looks especially beautiful in autumn.


Raging Rapids

Raging Rapids Via SLIDE SHOW: The Top 25 ...

The rapids might rage on, but the seasons change in their own time.


Frye's Mill in Wilton, New Hampshire

Frye's Mill in Wilton, New Hampshire Via Frye's Mill 2 by Joann ...

It's amazing how even the most mundane things look charming and magical in fall.

Fall is beautiful everywhere. Where do you live? What season suits it best?

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I live in Vancouver, Canada and I think Summer suits Vancouver best, only because it's usually very rainy the rest of the year. But if we happen to have a dry fall I love the colours and smells of Autumn.


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