7 of the Classiest Hostels in Europe ...

Hostels don’t have to be run down, uncared for, dingy places, full of grungy students and a bolt hole for travelers heavily constrained by budget, as these classiest hostels in Europe prove. Top hostels offer excellent facilities in great locations and you certainly won’t feel you’ve made the wrong decision by not booking a hotel room. Just take a look at some of the classiest hostels in Europe.

1. The Burren Hostel, Lisdoonvarna, Ireland

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If you love the communal hostel environment but wish it was a little classier, then visit The Burren Hostel of Lisdoonvara, Ireland. This spa town is surrounded by some of Ireland’s most renowned natural beauty, such as the Burren region and the stunning Cliffs of Moher. This previous 3-star hotel was renovated and turned into one of the classiest hostels in Europe, with beautiful and clean facilities, all en-suite rooms, a self-catering kitchen and a fine dining room. You’ll feel very much at home in the stunning 130-bed hostel and can enjoy everything from their free Wi-Fi and laundry facilities to their super cozy lounge, with a stone fireplace to warm the chilly Irish nights.

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