The 10 Most Romantic Things to do in Paris ...

By Deeceebee

The 10 Most Romantic Things to do in Paris ...

Some might say that Rome or Venice is the city of love, but you and I both know that there is only one true holder of that title, and it is Paris! The French capital has been the scene and inspiration for some of the most romantic music, poetry, drama and literature in history, and because of that millions of love birds flock there every year to try to capture some of that romance for themselves. If you are planning on taking a trip, then here are the ten most romantic things to do in Paris.

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Explore Saint-Germain-des-Pres

bicycle, bicycle accessory, vehicle, plant, table, This is beautiful, quaint little neighbourhood that evokes everything you might associate with classic Paris. From cobbled streets to little cafes and fashion boutiques, you and and your boo can get lost in the whimsy of the city.


Dine in a Café

building, facade, window, city, You don’t go to Paris without dining in one of the many romantic cafes dotted around the city. A café lunch is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, and somewhere like the café Le Deux Magots which has historical importance is perfect.


Explore the Ile De La Cite

waterway, sky, reflection, water, landmark, This is a quiet little area that is located just behind the iconic Cathedral of Notre-Dame. It is filled with shaded trees, gravel pathways and park benches, perfect for a little day time stroll with your loved one.


Take a Photo of the Arc De Triomphe

sky, landmark, arch, cloud, architecture, The Arc de Triomphe is one of Paris’ most famous tourist attractions, but it is worth the visit simply for the amazing views that you get. A straight down view of the Champs Elysee is enough to make anyone fall in love!


Walk across the Pont De Arts

waterway, sky, bridge, river, water, Just like London and New York, Paris has a lot of great bridges to explore, and the Pont de Arts was also once known as the Lock Bridge. This was because loved up couples used to go there and attach a lock to the fence in honour of their relationship.

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Visit the Louvre at Night

arch, structure, column, historic site, building, By all means visit the Louvre, but for that extra air of romance, make sure you do it at night! The illuminated courtyard makes for a magical scene, and couples can enjoy the famous art inside until 10pm.


Admire the River Seine

recreation, vacation, yacht, How many love songs have you heard where people talk about strolling down the banks of the River Seine? Well, when you are in Paris you have no choice but to do that yourself! Take a picnic with you and get lost in the romance of the scenery.


Picnic in the Jardin Du Luxembourg

reflection, nature, water, tree, garden, And speaking of picnics, another excellent spot for a romantic homemade lunch is the Jardin du Luxembourg. It is definitely one of Paris’ most beautiful parks, with architecture and nature to die for.


Take a River Cruise

waterway, water transportation, boat, boating, watercraft, Once you have walked the banks of the Seine, the next step is to float it! Take a romantic river cruise with your boo. It’s one of the most fun ways to catch all of the city’s main sights.


Scale the Eiffel Tower

reflection, landmark, sky, dawn, tower, You didn’t think I’d miss out the tower, did you!? It is the symbol of Paris, and therefore the symbol of love. I imagine they have lost count of the amount of people who have been proposed to at the top of that iconic landmark!

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