9 Ways to Explore Your Hometown for Free ...

If you can’t afford a vacation, there’s no need to despair because there are ways to explore your hometown like a traveler. Seriously! You can treat your hometown as if it is an exciting place you have never visited before, really get under its skin and see it in a whole new light. Sightseeing in your hometown can make you appreciate it like you never have before. And guess what – key when you can’t afford a vacation – there are ways to explore your hometown for free.

1. Sightseeing

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One of the best ways to explore your hometown for free is to simply just go sightseeing. Just forget that you’ve been living here for years and go walking around the city, wandering through markets, snapping photos of historical buildings, and so on. If you want to sight see in your hometown, you could also look into places of worship such as ornate churches or wooden temples, as these are almost always free of charge. If they do practice entrance fees, you can visit them during mass – but you can imagine you won’t become Miss Popularity if you start taking pictures then.

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