9 Fantastic Sights in Germany You Must See ...

As a lover of the diversity that the European culture has to offer, I firmly believe that getting the opportunity to witness utterly fantastic sights in Germany would be phenomenal. Filled with scenic landscapes and magnificent castles, Germany is steadily becoming one of the top visited countries in the world. It's difficult to choose which city features the most beautiful attractions, as each seems to have been carved from stone. However, if you are deciding between places with history embedded into their very core, you should look no further than these impressive sights in Germany.

1. Romantic Rhine

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The name of this river valley alone makes it one of the sweetest sights in Germany to check out. The Romantic Rhine (comprised of the river valleys of the Middle and Lower Rhine) is at the top of the list simply for the fact that it offers plenty of opportunities to see a multitude of castles built during the medieval period. According to Touropia, β€œTourism generated here after aristocrat travelers brought much attention to the area during the Romanticism period of the 19th century so that the location became known as the Romantic Rhine.” With over 40 castles littered throughout the land, it is no surprise that the Romantic Rhine has become a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

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