7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Northern Ireland on Your Next Vacation ...


7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Northern Ireland on Your Next Vacation ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Northern Ireland on Your Next Vacation ...

There are so many reasons to visit Northern Ireland, but it is a place that’s often overlooked by both European and overseas visitors. But with so much history, culture, natural beauty and many things to offer, it’s a place that more people should definitely consider going. So, here are some of the best reasons to visit Northern Ireland.

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It’s Part of the UK

It’s Part of the UK One of the reasons why you should visit Northern Ireland is something that many people outside of the UK (and plenty in it) don’t realize: it’s is part of the United Kingdom, not just a geographical region of Ireland. This means that if you’re on holiday in the UK, you can pop across the water without needing different documents or currency, or the need to queue to get through immigration!



Titanic The Titanic was built in Belfast, and where it stood during construction is marked out on the ground. You can stand in the middle and see how huge it was! There’s also the new Titanic Belfast Center which is an absolute must-see, and a whole area of the city is known as the ‘Titanic Quarter’.


Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway The Giant’s Causeway is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland, and for good reason. This Word Heritage Site is an incredible natural beauty spot and the locals love it just as much as the visitors. Plus, it’s located close to the small town of Bushmills which is famous for its whiskey, so you can fit in a visit to the distillery after a morning of enjoying nature at its best.


Live Music

Live Music One of the best things about Northern Ireland is that if you go out for the evening in one of the cities or large towns and hit the local pubs, there is usually an abundance of brilliant live music. The atmosphere is relaxed and singing along is not just acceptable but often encouraged, and anyone who enjoys Irish music will definitely have a great time.



Tourist-friendly Tourists are often wary about visiting Northern Ireland because of The Troubles but it’s very safe for tourists, who are made to feel very welcome. The UN has rated Belfast not only safest city in the UK but the second safest city in the world for tourists, beaten only by Tokyo.



Accents I may be a little bit biased because my partner is from Northern Ireland, but I really love the accents! Northern Irish accents are a bit like a cross between southern Irish and Scottish, but they can vary a lot in thickness, even within a very small area. You may meet some people there who you really can’t understand, but they probably won’t have any trouble understanding you if English is your first language.



Castles There are beautiful castles and medieval forts all over the country, and this should please both lovers of architecture and history. Many of them have a museum so that you can learn about the history of each, too. And if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you may recognize some of the locations as parts of the television series have been filmed in Northern Ireland.

Hopefully more people will get inspired to visit Northern Ireland, because it really is a beautiful part of the world. I’m going back next month and can’t wait! Have you ever been, or would you like to?

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My brother just went there this summer! So jealous

I'm moving to ireland in November! Can't wait to see the while country!:)

I'm also a bit bias, I live here and have done so for 29years! Scenery, history, landmark buildings, oldest pubs, friendly people and I could go on.

I'm going here in less then 200 days!

Ok so I'm bias....seeing as this is my homeland....but Northern Ireland has is the most wonderful, welcoming, vibrant countries. I always recommend people visit. They're always surprised. Reading this had made me homesick. I should take my own advice! And I'm sure my mother would appreciate the visit!!!! :)

I live just on the border of the North of Ireland &the Republic, you don't need any different documentation to travel between both - you do need Euro currency in Eire but you can change in loads of places - you don't need a bank. So you can visit the UK, Northern Ire & the Republic in one go with very little difficulty! It's a great place to visit & I love living here

I lived in NIreland for 2 years and loved every minute.

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