Fantastic Sunsets to Inspire Romance ...


Fantastic Sunsets to Inspire  Romance ...
Fantastic Sunsets to Inspire  Romance ...

A favorite of scriptwriter and novelists alike- the scene where two characters, passionately in love, lay close and watch the fiery colors that explode across the sky as the sun sinks into the horizon. For Scarlett O’ Hara and Rhett Butler in “Gone With The Wind” this meant emerald fields and rolling hills, for lovers Jack and Rose of the infamous “Titanic” it meant the offset shine of sapphire waves. Everyone has a little different idea of the ideal love scene. Whether you prefer the dark silhouette of towering mountains or the serenity of the sea, it goes without saying each of these settings offers that intangible aura of beauty and nostalgic sentiment. As we watch these play across a screen it’s sometimes difficult to imagine such glory is possible. In reality, that touching moment you’ve spent hours envisioning does exist, and well within your grasp.

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Loch Crinan

sky, horizon, loch, sunset, sea, A small village located on the west coast of Scotland, Loch Crinan offers visitors a friendly atmosphere and casual pace. For a class A view of the copper glazed loch as the sun sets over its waters, take a seat in one of the many restaurants that line the canal and wait for the burst of oranges and golds.


Santa Monica State Beach

sea, body of water, horizon, sky, sunset, Praised by pop
culture band Savage Garden in their song named in its honor, Santa Monica, California is a well-known tourist destination. A plethora of art, music, and diversity. For a break from the continuous cycle of human activity, take a stroll along the beachfront. The contrasting blues and golds as the sun sets against the edgy palms is a picture credible to any Hollywood screenshot.


Monument Valley, Utah

sky, badlands, butte, horizon, afterglow, For a dash of old west magic tangled in with your romance take a trip to the Monument Valley National Park. A popular regain of the Colorado Plateau, the park is characterized by the stark red sandstone buttes reaching high into the sky. Featured in many films over the decades, Monument Valley has, for many, come to represent the idyllic vision of the “Old West”.


Pike Place Market

sky, sunset, evening, dusk, sunrise, A center for handmade treasures and public trading, this down-home market offers a fascinating experience during the day. Catch it at night, and the true strength of its colors shines through. A prism of twinkling metropolitan lights and dancing silhouettes reflecting off the waters of Seattle’s Elliott Bay, it offers lovers a glowing backdrop of mystery and romance, sprinkled with a dash of fun.


Parc De Dieppe (Dieppe Park)

sky, reflection, afterglow, cityscape, skyline, The vibrant shades of purple and magenta that stain the horizon of Parc De Dieppe create a photogenic masterpiece against the sparkling red lights that dot the skyline of Montreal, Canada. As if designed to accent the sky, the city touches the heartfelt hues while simultaneously pouring light into the St. Lawrence River. For an unforgettable view of this majesty, as well as a birds-eye view of Old Port and downtown Montreal, pay a visit to the Parc De Dieppe near the tip of the manmade peninsula.


Red Rock Reservoir

nature, sky, loch, dawn, horizon, Surrounded on all sides by stately evergreens, Red Rock Reservoir is located approximately forty miles from Des Moines, Iowa. Seen in the wintertime, blanketed with snow, the graceful paths that line the lake create a mythical atmosphere. Offset by the soft hues of pinks and lavenders that paint the clouds and ground, you have a picture worthy of a photo gallery.


Bradley Beach

sky, horizon, sea, shore, ocean, If you seek an exceptionally dramatic setting Bradley Beach is the place to visit. Positioned along the coast of the quaint township of Bradley Beach, New Jersey, the soft dunes will call you to sit and watch the sun lowers from the sky. Fiery oranges and yellows burn against deep shades of blue, washing powdery clouds with their color and creating a scene straight from a storybook.


Mount Vernon Plantation

flower, field, sky, flowering plant, tulip, Though the place of Washington’s birth may not, at first glance, appear to be an especially romantic destination, you’d be happily surprised. For an unforgettable experience, visit the Mount Vernon Plantation during the annual Spring Wine Tasting and Sunset Tour. Offering samples of many of Virginia’s best wines along with a breathtaking view of the majestic Potomac River below, this is a can’t miss event that you and your significant other will never forget.


Playa De La Misericordia Beach

sky, horizon, sea, sunset, ocean, Rich with history, the city of Malaga, Spain stretches to the sky. Infamous for its sky-high resorts and yellow sanded beaches, it welcomes visitors with open arms. One of many options open to the intrigued visitor, Playa De La Misericordia, offers visitors a crystalline view. Unfold your blanket on the soft sands and gaze at the wondrous sight of gentle pinks, blues, and golds reflecting against the cerulean waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


Drôme Provençale Gardens

lavender, flower, english lavender, plant, vegetation, A true-to-life work of art, these beautiful gardens are a masterpiece of diverse hues from the ground to the sky. If you wish to see this lovely garden at its finest, wait until summer when the fields are in full bloom. One moment spent in the acres of enchanting lavender fields will captivate your senses. Cloaked in shades of pink, orange, yellow, and violet, as the sun lowers towards the ridge, these gardens create an experience straight out of a dream.

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