7 Driving Routes to Take if You Want a Romantic Roadtrip ...


7 Driving Routes to Take if You Want a Romantic Roadtrip ...
7 Driving Routes to Take if You Want a Romantic Roadtrip ...

There is something very alluring about a road trip. Perhaps it’s the feeling of liberation, freedom, and the chance to spend some quality uninterrupted time with a loved one – whereas normally you are dealing with the stresses, strains, and demands of everyday life. If you are thinking about taking your beloved on a romantic road trip we have collected a handful of the very best. Try these romantic road trip routes.

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Amalfi Coast – Italy

Town, Coast, Tourism, Human settlement, Mountain village, Between and mountains and the deep blue sea is the breathtaking coastline peering over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea on the Italian Riviera. The Amalfi Coast is a curvy little stretch, some 35 miles long between Salerno and Sorrento. Terraced gardens, glorious scenery, an abundance of fragrant lemon trees, and regal architecture make this the perfect romantic backdrop for a road trip.


Shipka Pass – Bulgaria

Landmark, Sky, Tower, Historic site, Rock, Starting in Veliko Tamovo, a beautiful medieval hamlet in Bulgaria, the route winds through the Balkan Mountain range, via Gavrovo and Kazanlak. The route is just over 8 miles long, dips through the Valley of the Roses, and is crossed by a railroad on its way to Stara Zagora. Part of the Bulgarka Nature Park, there’s a place to stop and see the Shipka Memorial – a tribute to those who lost their lives in the Russian-Turkish War in the late 1800s. The views will take your breath away, and the charming small medieval towns just ooze with love and romance.


Brandywine Valley – Pennsylvania and Delaware

Sky, Body of water, Reflection, Water, Natural landscape, This road trip will transport you right back to a time of undeniable romance, and pure 20th century colonial opulence. This scenic 12 mile stretch overlooking the Brandywine River winds along through wealthy estates and manicured gardens of the stupendously wealthy aristocrats of the 1800s. Rows of gorgeous flowers, oaks and tulip trees line the narrow roads that chase the river gushing below, making you feel as if you have stepped right into the French countryside.


The Borderlands of Texas

Flower, Blue, Wildflower, Plant, Wilderness, Exotic, mysterious, romantic and completely untouched, this area of Texas is one of the most incredible in the world. Attracting the likes of Hollywood filmmakers for its unusual allure, the charisma, and intoxicating appeal is what makes this one of the most dramatically romantic places for that once in a lifetime road trip. Surrounded by rugged mountains, wispy grasslands, arid terrain, and the biggest sky you have ever seen – the 127-mile route passes through ghost towns after starting in the historic oil town of Fort Stockton and ending up in the star of the Texan show – The Big Bend National Park.


Ghost Towns of Colorado

House, Home, Property, Mountain, Natural landscape, 225 miles of pure history, towering snow-capped mountain ranges, sheer red cliffs and gorges, lush forests teeming with black bear, eagles and mountain lions, beds of fossils and desolate ghost towns, are like scenes out of an old western movie; all that is missing is a wispy tumbleweed rolling around in the dust. One of the most romantic road trips to take, the scenery is absolutely beautiful and there is something magical about a deserted 19th-century gold mining town.

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New Zealand’s North Island

Sky, Sea, Coast, Photography, Painting, It is no secret that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on the planet: Ethereal, charismatic with an irresistible magnetism, the North Island is one of those sensational places that will take your breath away. A road trip here is a truly special one that will take you a few days to travel its 460-mile route. Welcome to Lord of the Rings country: See the rugged volcanic fields, sprawling tropical rain forests, sweeping vineyards and patchwork farmlands, while stopping along the way at Mordor and Hobbiton.


The Garden Route - South Africa

Coast, Sea, Ocean, Shore, Coastal and oceanic landforms, This coastline of some 200 km between Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay is one of South Africa's most popular tourist attractions. The glorious natural sights along the way will seduce you with its diversity of mountains, lakes and lagoons, flora and fauna, oh and the odd vineyard here and there.

Hire a convertible, put the top down, turn on the radio for some love songs, and head out on some of best romantic road trips for memories that will last a lifetime.

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