3 Great Easter Getaways in Europe ...


3 Great Easter Getaways in Europe ...
3 Great Easter Getaways in Europe ...

Easter is a fantastic time of year to go away on a European holiday. The weather is just starting to get warmer, everything is coming back to life and opening up after the winter season, and it is a perfect break between Christmas and the summer holidays. Easter time will still be busy in major holiday destinations but it is not as busy as during the summer, and an Easter getaway also avoids the sweltering heat of mid-summer. This makes it the ideal time to visit a city where you are more likely to be indulging in some sightseeing and walking, than on a beach holiday. These are 3 fantastic cities for an Easter getaway:

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Landmark, Sky, Cityscape, Tower, City, Paris is a well-trodden city for tourists, but that does not take away from its sheer magnificence. The city encapsulates every cliché surrounding the French way of life, yet it pulls it off with such aplomb that it just adds to its appeal. There are patisseries, wine bars, cafes, shops, art galleries and famous sights all in just over 40 square miles.

Obviously, no trip to Paris would be complete without an adventure up the Eiffel Tower, a “bateaux mouche” along the River Seine, soaking up the ambiance of Notre Dame Cathedral or the chance to gaze at some of the great masterpieces held in the Louvre. Whether you are there to soak up the history or relish in the café culture, Paris is a great Easter getaway.

No matter where you turn in Paris, you feel as though you are walking through a postcard image. It is a stunningly beautiful place, and well deserves its reputation as a chic and romantic city.



Street light, Sky, Landmark, Lighting, Light fixture, Prague is the capital city of the modern Czech Republic, but also historically the Capital of Bohemia. Conjuring up images of bohemian culture, art, and beauty, Prague will not disappoint. The city was founded in the 9th century and, although it has been added to, it still revolves around that antique hub. The impressive Prague Castle towers above the city at the heart of the old town. It is surrounded by cobbled streets and ancient buildings.

The Vltava River winds through the city and is crossed by a multitude of bridges, all with their own story and style of architecture. The most famous bridge is the Charles Bridge, which has connected the two banks of the Vltava for over 450 years. It even houses its own museum.

There is no getting away from the historical element of Prague, but it is also a vibrant, modern city with a buzzing café culture.



Landmark, City, Town, Urban area, Roof, Florence is the capital city of the beautiful Tuscan region of Italy. It is a city swathed in history, being called the Athens of the Middle Ages due to its position at the center of trading and the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Florence offers tourists a glimpse into a time gone by thanks to its outstanding architecture and preserved historical buildings and streets. The Santa Maria del Fiore is Florence’s main sight, with the church’s dome towering over the city. Despite being over 600 years old, the dome remains the largest brick dome in the world.

The River Arno flows through the Old Town and, now that its trading days are over, offers romantic walkways on its banks and boat trips. The river is crossed by many bridges, with the most well known being the Ponte Vecchio, which is partially held up by stilts.

Florence is a very chic city and is the perfect place for a great Easter getaway, which combines history and people watching over a cappuccino.

If it is history, beauty, and vibrancy that you are looking for in an Easter getaway, then Paris, Prague, or Florence would make an ideal choice. Each of the cities is unique in their own way, but all offer the perfect holiday destination for the discerning traveler.

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