8 Stupendous Places for an African Safari ...


8 Stupendous Places for an African Safari ...
8 Stupendous Places for an African Safari ...

Experiencing an African Safari can be one of the biggest single most life changing events one can ever encounter. The raw, untamed landscapes offer the most spectacular backdrop to any African safari. Rolling plains and dense jungle, the sensational sunsets, and the incredible wildlife are just some of the reasons to embark on an African safari. Here are 8 Stupendous Places for an African Safari.

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Duba, Botswana

Duba, Botswana Duba is situated on the far northern region of the spectacular Okavango Delta, and is one of the most coveted playgrounds for intrepid National Geographic photographers and filmmakers. Right in the heart of the magical African bush, visitors can get the once in a lifetime experience to witness the greatest African adventure, as lions and buffaloes in their natural environment hunt and are hunted by each other. Being in the right place at the right time, means that very lucky visitors will be able to witness this fight for the death dance, between two majestic animals.


Mundulea Reserve, Namibia

Mundulea Reserve, Namibia Just over a decade ago, the reserve of Mundulea was just a vast area with four massive cattle farms. Then, a local conservationist and resident guide, Bruno Nebe, had a vision and decided to make it a reality. Taking over 2 years to remove the internal fencing separating the cattle farms, Bruno intended to restore the ecological balance for the area and return animals to this private reserve. Bruno is an enthusiastic and inspirational guide, who lives and breathes for the progress, growth and maintenance of this incredible nature reserve. Now complete with a booming population of animals including black faced impala, zebras, eland, leopards and rhinos, Bruno’s dream are finally a reality.


Northern Kenya

Northern Kenya Far away from the madding tourist crowds, in Northern Kenya, close to the Ethiopian border, will bring you to the vast horizons of glorious Samburu country. Rough around the edges, wild and untamed, this part of deepest Africa will bring visitors to an incredible experience, a chance to see how Africa really was before it started to be moulded by the modern hand. Indigenous tribes still live here as they have done for so many years before them, and an African safari through this rich and diverse wilderness will bring many exciting adventures. See lions, elephants, buck, zebras and other wild animals in their natural environment.


The Zambezi Valley, Zambia

The Zambezi Valley, Zambia Camping in the Zambezi Valley alongside the famous Zambezi River, is one of the most awe inspiring experiences known to man. Don’t expect to get much sleep under the vast star studded skies, as the sights and sounds of Africa surround you in your protected camp. Listen to the night time movements of the King of Africa, the lions, as they roam and hunt and roar under the night time moon. Watch baby Elephants as they cross over from the Zimbabwean side of the rivers, and stare right into the eyes of a crocodile as they glide through the murky waters. Rather more than a luxurious game park and more of a wild wilderness waiting to be explored, the tented camps do offer visitors every creature comfort they could possibly ask for, on their amazing safari in Africa.


Gorilla Safari, Rwanda

Gorilla Safari, Rwanda Although desperately poor, Rwanda is now confidently stable and a far cry away from the horrors that occurred here in the mid 1990’s. Tourism has played a huge part in the emergence of infrastructure and stability in the economy, and African safari enthusiasts are flocking to the region with aplomb. Journey through the dense forests of Rwanda with an experienced guide on foot and you will be able to witness one of Mother Nature’s pure phenomenon’s right up close and personal. The gorillas are constantly watched, guarded and protected, and intrepid visitors can sit back and observe these incredible animals as they go about their daily lives. Watch the little ones frolic and play in the forest, under the watchful eye of the large, silverback male who is keeping an eye on the children’s antics and of their surroundings.


The Kruger National Park, South Africa

The Kruger National Park, South Africa The vast and diverse camp is a landmark in South Africa’s history, and the perfect opportunity for those looking for an introduction to the ultimate African Safari. Home to the famous Big 5, Black Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Cape buffalo and the African Elephant, the Kruger National Park takes up over 19485 square kilometres of natural bush and vegetation. The largest park in all of Southern Africa, visitors can enter from no less than 9 different main gates, offering everyone the chance to experience something new and different from each point. Roaming packs of wild dogs, the reclusive leopard, black rhinos, cheetahs, elegant giraffe, hippos frolicking in the waters, baby elephants with their troops, crocodiles and blue wildebeest, are just some of the inhabitants, as well as more than a million impala.


The Serengeti, Tanzania

The Serengeti, Tanzania Right out of a movie set, the Serengeti National Park is the pure depiction of a National Geographic portrayal of the beauty that is Africa. Swaying grasslands, rolling landscapes, incredible sunsets and awe inspiring scenery, make this one of the best places for the ultimate African expedition. Because the Serengeti is much less touristy, you won’t be surrounded by bus loads of eager park attendees waiting their turn for everything. It’s one of the best places to see a lion kill; from the moment the lion spots their prey to the exciting and dramatic chase, to the final and absolute kill. Experience the intense and vivid migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra as they make their way along the plains.


Etosha National Park (Namibia)

Etosha National Park (Namibia) Etosha is widely accepted as the top African experience in all of Namibia. With the endangered black rhino having residence here, as well as Africa’s tallest elephants, lions, elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, leopards and an abundance of wildlife, Etosha is a feast for the soul and the senses. Wildlife safaris can be enjoyed here as you can drive yourself through the park. If you are after a guided game drive, stay at one of the upmarket lodges on the edge of the park and you can be driven around in style.

No matter what you are looking for in an African safari, you will be able to find something to suit your budget, and of course, your comfort zone. An African safari is something that should be on everybody’s bucket list, which one of these animal adventures is one for you?

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