8 Exotic Destinations to Dream of ...


8 Exotic Destinations to Dream of ...
8 Exotic Destinations to Dream of ...

When was the last time you dreamt of jetting off to stunning exotic destinations? If you are anything like me, it’ll have been pretty recent! I can’t resist the urge to explore new places, find great new beaches and coves, and discover new towns. It brings me alive like nothing else! If your feeling the wanderlust, here’s some of the best exotic destinations to aim for this year.

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Komodo National Park…

Komodo dragons are one of my absolute favorite creatures. I love everything about them – their lizard-y looks, their danger, their communities. Seeing them in zoos just doesn’t do them justice, so jet off to the Komodo National Park in Bali and Lombok. There isn’t just amazing wildlife, either – the journey is best made between April and June, and most tour providers will provide opportunities to explore Ubud, the beach at Nusa Dua and Lombok, one of the most relaxed islands ever. Just don’t forget to share your pictures – this is number one on my exotic destinations list!


Dancing under the Sea…

It sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s really happened – Sub Six is the world’s very first underwater nightclub, located on Niyama in the Maldives. Located six meters under the water, the glass walls allow amazing views of marine life, and there’s an amazing selection of drinks on offer too. It’s got everything you’d expect, from luxurious leather sofas to international DJs, and there’s a variety of beach studios located nearby to stay in. Wow.


Iconic India…

Okay, so visiting India isn’t really anything new, but this huge country has now become a lot easier to explore. The introduction of English-speaking group tours has made seeing the highlights across the country a lot easier, including popular destinations such as Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur, and there’s more relaxed places such as Cochin and the Kerala Blackwaters on offer too. You go in a small group, and can opt to have all meals, services and transfers included, making this one amazing opportunity to see everything India has to offer.


Puerto Rico…

Puerto Rico has to be one of the most amazing Caribbean destinations – it combines that easy-going, relaxed vibe with amazing wildlife, and the best nightlife you’ll find. It’s urban, exotic and natural, and there’s plenty of opportunity to go at your own pace with self-drive tours. Whale watching in Rincon, El Yunque National Park and San Juan are unmissable, and there’s stunning caves and amazing dives on offer too.


Ecuador Adventures…

Looking for an active holiday? Ecuador is set to be one of 2013’s hottest destinations, with a whole variety of new tours and activities on offer. It’s a country that’s packed with cultures, communities and natural wonders, and you are sure to fall in love with it! Tempted? Add exploring Quito, a vibrant and bustling capital city, to your to-do list – and there’s plenty of opportunities to visit communities in the Andes and the Amazon rainforest, too, along with the amazing Avenue of Volcanoes. You’ll never want to leave.


Chicken Itza…

The Mayans have grown in popularity in recent times, mostly after some explorers declared that the Mayans thought the world would end in 2012. Needless to say, it didn’t – but don’t let that distract you from their amazing structures. They built stunning buildings across Guatemala, Mexico and the Honduras, and the Chicken Itza is a particular favorite. With gory stories and plenty of breath-taking sights, a glimpse into the Mayan world is ideal for your exotic holiday this year.



Mozambique has a new luxury resort, and it’s definitely one you’ll want to visit! Azura at Qulialea is an exclusive paradise in Quirimbas Archipelago. The nine villas are located just minutes from pristine waters and perfect beaches, and the African-chic style is ideal for relaxing. There’s amazing wildlife, perfect temperatures and it’s a great place to explore the rest of Mozambique from too, or just relax and let the waves calm you down. There’s even a variety of package deals that include flights and transfers, all meals, drinks, a butler, trails for exploring and a daily cocktail – what more could you want?!



China has been on my must-visit list for a while, but after seeing pictures of a friend's trip up the Yangtze river recently, I’m more keen to go than ever. What better way to explore China than onboard a luxury yacht, complete with large balconies? The Three Gorges Dam is a must-see, and I love Fengdu, an ancient Chinese spirit town. A five night tour costs around $1100, including all meals, local beers and bottled water. This is one of those exotic destinations that everyone will want to hear about!

I can’t wait to jet off on my next adventure – there’s so many places I’d love to go, the only problem is choosing which one to explore first! As with all exotic destinations, do your research before booking, and make sure you get any necessary vaccinations, and learn if it’s safe to drink the water. Then, enjoy! The strangest trips make the best memories. Where would you love to go?!

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China.. Been there, wouldn't go back, try Fiji or Saipan if you want exotic. China for the fresh industrial pollution and the Hong Kong dog for weeks after returning state side.

It's Chichen Itza actually.

Another great place is Belize!!!! The people, food, and site are just beautiful!!! And the people are so willing to talk to you!!! It is so colorful it's just amazing!! I would suggest Caye Caulker!!!! I just got back last Saturday and I'm dying to go back!!!

Puerto Rico here! :)

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