Stop by These Wonderful Mountain Towns in the Western United States ...


Stop by These Wonderful Mountain Towns in the Western United States ...
Stop by These Wonderful Mountain Towns in the Western United States ...

There are many US mountain towns to visit, and some of the most beautiful are in the West. Some of these towns have become famous resorts, while others have remained small and relatively unknown. Regardless of how well-known they are, all of the US mountain towns in the West are unique and interesting. If you love the mountains and love a small town feeling, you will certainly want to try to travel to one of these mountain towns.

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Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado Estes Park, Colorado, is one of the US mountain towns to visit in the West. It is considered the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, and it is also home to the world famous Stanley Hotel, which you may have seen if you watched the movie “The Shining.” I have been fortunate enough to visit Estes Park many times, and I always have an enjoyable time. It is a small town with great little shops.


The air in Estes Park is as fresh as it gets, with scenic vistas that are sure to take your breath away. Whether you're into hiking, wildlife viewing, or just soaking in the natural mountain beauty, this charming community offers it all. The quaint downtown area is perfect for leisurely strolls and finding unique treasures in the cute boutiques. Local eateries serve up delicious dishes with a side of spectacular views. Remember to pack your camera; the picturesque landscapes and the majestic Elk that roam freely will make for unforgettable photo opportunities.


Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte, Colorado Crested Butte is another small mountain town in Colorado that I have been lucky enough to visit. It is known as the wildflower capital of Colorado. Every summer wildflowers grow abundantly in the mountains, and they are gorgeous. Aside from seeing wildflowers, you can also go white water rafting or you can hang out in the town.


Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho Sun Valley is a resort mountain town in central Idaho that attracts visitors from all over the world. It is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, and it is well-known for its fantastic skiing. Sun Valley is more upscale than Estes Park or Crested Butte, but is well worth visiting if you love skiing.


With its charming Swiss-style architecture and luxurious amenities, Sun Valley exudes a sense of exclusivity and refinement. Besides hitting the slopes, visitors can indulge in picturesque ice skating rinks, high-end dining experiences, and pampering at world-class spas. The area sparkles in the summer too, with hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Cultural events, like the renowned Sun Valley Film Festival and outdoor symphony performances, add a touch of sophistication to the mountain atmosphere. It's a perfect blend of rustic mountain charm and plush comfort for those looking to treat themselves to a lavish retreat.


West Yellowstone, Montana

West Yellowstone, Montana West Yellowstone is a very small town with a population of less than 2,000 people. Despite the small population, there is still plenty to do in West Yellowstone. Primarily, it is a great place to stay if you want to visit Yellowstone National Park. However, it is also a great place to go camping in the summer, and in the winter you can take sled dog tours.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Just south of West Yellowstone is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is also a great place to stay if you want to visit Yellowstone National Park. It is a small town that has beautiful view of the mountains. In the summer, you can visit the national park and go shopping in the town square. In the winter, you can enjoy the great skiing the town has to offer at Teton Village or at Snow King Mountain.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The town is also known for its charming western atmosphere, with wooden boardwalks and cowboy-themed shops and restaurants. It is also home to the National Museum of Wildlife Art, which features over 5,000 works of art celebrating the beauty of nature. Additionally, Jackson Hole hosts several events throughout the year, including the Jackson Hole Rodeo and the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. With its stunning natural surroundings and unique culture, Jackson Hole is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty of the western United States.

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Genoa, Nevada

Genoa, Nevada Genoa, Nevada is located 25 minutes from Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is a very beautiful mountain town that is also very small. Only 250 residents live in Genoa! If you are going to visit Genoa, you can plan on seeing a lot of wildlife, and if you happen to go during the last weekend in September, you can attend the annual art fair.


Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico Another small mountain town that has breathtaking views is Taos, New Mexico. Taos is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and it is a great place to visit if you are fond of the Southwest. The town has beautiful adobe architecture and there are art museums everywhere. If you visit Taos, not only will you be able to see all of the beautiful Southwest architecture and paintings, you will also be able to go hot air ballooning, which is a great way to experience the beauty of the area.

Visiting small mountain towns is such a wonderful way to spend a vacation. You can relax and look in the small shops, or you can go hiking in the beautiful mountains. All of these towns are great places to visit, and they each offer something unique. Have you ever visited one of these mountain towns?


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Breckenridge Colorado

The Shining (movie) wasn't filmed at the Stanley Hotel. King wrote the book after staying there, but it's not the hotel in the movie. Estes is still an awesome place, though!

Lander wyoming

Keystone Colorado is beautiful! I go there every Christmas to ski.

Aspen, CO!

Vail Colorado! Where I live :)

Jackson, wy is great for visiting Grand Teton Natl Park as well!

@Kelseyleannn I'm a Coloradan as well, and it's all common knowledge that King has stated in many an interview! I thought the author might want to update to have correct information in their post. I'm sorry if I offended you!

Nevada City, Ca. is super fun. It's on the Yuba River, has a lot of gold rush history, good shops, good food.

Crested Butte is beyond amazing in the summertime. Majestic to say the least!

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