7 Unusual Restaurants in NYC You Must Experience ...

By Vladlena

7 Unusual Restaurants in NYC You Must Experience ...

Dining in the usual places you’ve been going to for years gets a little redundant and boring, which is why sometimes it doesn’t hurt to visit some of the most unusual restaurants in NYC. Living in New York City comes with the perk of being able to experience the most diverse and interesting cuisines without having to travel long distances. So if you are up for an interesting dining experience, get your empty stomachs ready for the most unusual restaurants in NYC.

1 Jekyll and Hyde Club

bar, Jekyll and Hyde Club is a restaurant filled with eccentric explorers and mad scientists lurking around while you get to witness the bizarre atmosphere and enjoy the menu. The staff offers exciting performances, such as the reenactment of the birth of Frankenstein and spooky sound effects to get you in the mood. The theatrical atmosphere, the table side performances, the secret entrance and witty jokes are definitely something you should get to experience from one of the most unusual restaurants in NYC.

2 Opaque Dark Dining

performance art,darkness,stage,audience,screenshot, Ready to ditch one of your most valuable senses? Well you better be, because Opaque Dark Dining throws you into a completely pitch-black environment so that you get to exercise your sense of smell, touch and taste by abandoning vision. You are first taken into a well-lit lounge to make your dining choices and then automatically get escorted into a darkened dining room to be served by visually impaired waiters, who know their way around in the dark!

3 Ellen’s Stardust Diner

bar,fast food,neon sign,SOLARE,SAROS, I can bet a million bucks, you have never had the dining experience Ellen’s Stardust Diner has to offer. This place is famous for its Broadway worthy singing staff that will surely keep you entertained. You will get the Broadway experience for the price of your bill - now that’s a bargain!

4 Peep

function hall,meal,restaurant,convention center,interior design, Peep is a restaurant on Prince Street that is known for one thing in particular, and that is for the ability to see others eat… while you use the bathroom! Yep, it’s a little weird and unconventional but it’s an interesting experience nonetheless! They might not be able to see you but you are able to see everything everybody else is doing.

5 American Girl Dining

human action,eating,meal,lunch,sense, This is a place every little girl dreams of eating in! American Girl Dining is a restaurant on 5th Avenue that is incredibly girly and pink, it’s a place where every young lady can learn table manners while being accompanied by an American Girl doll! See, this might not be exciting for a grown up but mention this to any little girl and they will shriek in excitement. So if you want to give your little angel an interesting dining experience and are not afraid to spend $23 per person, this is a place for you!

6 Shopsins NYC

dish,food,meat,fried food,cuisine, One word to describe Shopsins is ‘odd’! This restaurant has a few strange rules you might not be typically used to hearing. For example, parties with more than four people are not allowed in the restaurant, no two people at the same table can order the same thing, you are not allowed to use your phone and you cannot request the menu before you sit down. In addition to the plethora of nontraditional rules, the menu itself is even more peculiar. It has over 900 items to choose from, all with strange names, such as ‘slutty cakes’ and ‘high school sandwich.’

7 Ninja Dining

person,sense, If you are looking for a dining experience filled with an adrenaline rush, Ninja Dining is the place. It’s a restaurant that is not particularly known for its Japanese cuisine but rather the performances that come with it. You can expect to enter a windowless restaurant designed to look like a dark castle filled with waiters who are dressed like ninjas. The waiters are paid to jump into your frame of view out of nowhere, perform nunchuk tricks and basically behave like total ninja assassins!

It’s time to take your dining experience up a notch and enjoy some of the most unusual places that NYC has to offer. Take a leap of faith and stop going to the same places you trust because you might be pleasantly surprised! Which of these atypical restaurants are you most excited to visit?

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Ellen's stardust was so fun!


Love Peep, I always take new friends then say Hi to them while they are using the bathroom. Lol, eventhought I can't see anything. Lol


Jekyll and Hyde sounds fun. So does Ninja!


I love the American Girl Place and Ellen's Stardust Diner!!!


I have done the dining in the dark in Berlin, best experience ever and so much fun! Highly recommend it


I would sooo go to Ellen's Stardust Diner, that would be sooo much fun!!


Cool and weird...




I knew stardust was going to be on here when I saw the title


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