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Here Are the 50 Cities to Visit before You Die ...

By Neecey

With so any options to fill up your bucket list, just how do you narrow down the choices of the World's greatest cities you should see in your short lifetime? Actually, there's no need to do anything because I've done the hard work for you!

1 New York, USA

New York City,metropolitan area,skyscraper,metropolis,skyline,

2 Seville, Spain

Plaza de España,reflection,landmark,river,evening,

3 Tokyo, Japan

window,slot machine,machine,glass,EXCELSIOR,

4 London, England

Houses of Parliament,Big Ben,landmark,city,cityscape,

5 Kathmandu, Nepal

Everest,Ama Dablam,color,tourism,hindu temple,

6 Lalibela, Ethiopia

Church of St. George,man made object,wood,ancient history,

7 Venice, Italy

Rialto Bridge,Rialto Bridge,reflection,cityscape,sunset,

8 Athens, Greece

Parthenon,structure,ancient greek temple,landmark,ruins,

9 Varanasi, India


10 Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia,sunset,afterglow,horizon,sunrise,

11 Havana, Cuba

National Capital Building,El Capitolio,car,road,landmark,

12 Vienna, Austria

St. Peter Church,landmark,town,road,urban area,

13 Cusco, Peru

Iglesia La Compañía de Jesús,town,cityscape,landmark,city,

14 Petra, Jordan

landmark,night,ancient history,temple,ruins,

15 Lisbon, Portugal

metropolitan area,cityscape,town,metropolis,landmark,

16 Jerusalem, Israel

Dome of the Rock,landmark,historic site,dome,building,

17 Berlin, Germany


18 Hội an, Vietnam

Japanese Covered Bridge,reflection,landmark,town,river,

19 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

carnival,art,event,festival,psychedelic art,

20 Florence, Italy

Florence,town,landmark,historic site,city,

21 Lhasa, Tibet

Potala Palace,landmark,town,ancient history,cityscape,

22 Marrakech, Morocco


23 Beijing, China

Forbidden City,chinese architecture,historic site,landmark,building,

24 Cartagena, Colombia

color,road,urban area,wall,street,

25 Lyon, France

metropolitan area,landmark,metropolis,skyscraper,night,

26 Jaipur, India

Hawa Mahal,historic site,landmark,ancient history,architecture,

27 Zanzibar City, Tanzania


28 Amsterdam, the Netherlands


29 Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace,chinese architecture,historic site,temple,building,

30 Buenos Aires, Argentina

color,house,neighbourhood,human settlement,art,

31 Yerevan, Armenia

structure,landmark,city,human settlement,aerial photography,

32 Kyoto, Japan

flower,cherry blossom,blossom,plant,tree,

33 Paris, France

Eiffel Tower,landmark,amusement park,flower,park,

34 Samarkand, Uzbekistan

landmark,historic site,building,architecture,monument,

35 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik,Dubrovnik,coast,landform,geographical feature,

36 Luxor, Egypt

Luxor Temple,landmark,night,ancient history,temple,

37 Granada, Spain

geographical feature,coast,town,cityscape,aerial photography,

38 Mexico City, Mexico

Palacio de Bellas Artes,landmark,city,cityscape,aerial photography,

39 Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Parliament Building,Széchenyi Chain Bridge,reflection,landmark,night,

40 Queenstown, New Zealand


41 Bagan, Myanmar

mountainous landforms,atmospheric phenomenon,mountain,castle,morning,

42 Rome, Italy

Colosseum,landmark,building,night,ancient history,

43 Antigua, Guatemala


44 Singapore City, Singapore


45 Las Vegas, USA

landmark,amusement park,metropolis,cityscape,

46 Sydney, Australia

fireworks,event,recreation,outdoor recreation,new year's eve,

47 Prague, Czech Republic

sky,horizon,atmospheric phenomenon,sunrise,dawn,

48 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Gandantegchinlen Monastery,sky,cloud,vehicle,sea,

49 Vancouver, Canada


50 Reykjavik, Iceland


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