7 Brilliant US Destinations for a Multi-Generational Family Vacation ...

Choosing destinations for a multi-generational family vacation is not an easy task. Finding that perfect somewhere that has something to suit everyone’s taste is quite a challenge – especially as the age of your traveling party could be a mix of ages anywhere between 0-90. The point is to focus on general likes rather than specific likes – things to do that everyone can appreciate even if it is not their passion. Here are some destinations you might like to consider for your next multi-generational family vacation.

1. Black Canyon, Colorado

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If you are all interested in the outdoors, Black Canyon is the perfect multi-generational family vacation destination for you. Often described as Colorado’s answer to the Grand Canyon, Black Canyon offers fantastic scenery, unrivaled camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing and climbing routes in the warmer months, in addition to cross country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. This consequently provides you with the opportunity to bond with your parents and children in a healthy outdoor setting, which is guaranteed to be extremely relaxing for the whole family.

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