7 Best European Destinations for Cycling Enthusiasts ...

There are many varied European destinations for cycling enthusiasts. Europe isnโ€™t just mad for cycling for the few weeks that the Tour de France is on, with many destinations in the region being very bicycle friendly. Many of the major European cities offer bikes for hire and they can be a great way to take in the sights and major attractions. Travelling by bike can also help you cover more ground than you would on foot. Take a look at these top European destinations for cycling enthusiasts.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

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One of the top European destinations for cycling enthusiasts has to be Copenhagen. This picturesque city is bicycle crazy! Itโ€™s often thought of as the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. There are bike lanes galore and itโ€™s reported that around half the population get around by bike daily. So, if you love getting around by bike youโ€™ll fit right in here.

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