7 Boldest Attractions in Boulder, Colorado ...

So many US cities are overlooked as tourist destinations in favor of NYC, Chicago, Boston, LA and San Fran, but there are many attractions in Boulder that shout “hey, come visit me!” Visitors to Boulder can enjoy an urban space within a countryside environment. With 30,000 students at the University of Colorado, the city is blessed with a cool party vibe, with plenty of sidewalk cafés, shops and street performers. And when in Boulder, you’re only an hour away from Colorado’s snow sports resorts and the Rocky Mountains National Park. The attractions of Boulder suit city lovers and outdoors lovers.

1. The Flatirons

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True to form, the boldest of attractions in Boulder, Colorado is the great big boulder of rock that overlooks the city from the southwest edge. Free to visit, the Flatirons are both beautiful to view and rigorous to hike. Some come only to admire the rocks, because they can be quite arduous if you’re looking for a casual stroll. With most trails being steep and slippery, you’d do best to bring along some good hiking shoes and plenty of water.

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