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Many of us are proud to be able to call a particular place ‘home’ and I will provide you with seven reasons you should visit Lincoln. When I was young I took where I lived for granted and as I have grown older, I have been able to appreciate how beautiful my hometown really is. Lincoln is a historic and soulful city enriched in history, but unfortunately appears to be bypassed by many who take the time to come and visit England. This cathedral city is an understated gem and one of the finest in the country. There are many reasons you should visit Lincoln, so make the time to come and see this wonderful place close-up.

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Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral This magnificent building is perfectly complemented by its spectacular setting and is one of the reasons you should visit Lincoln. Lincoln Cathedral is one of Europe’s finest Gothic buildings and the structural masterpiece that dominates Lincoln’s skyline. It was the tallest building in the world for three hundred years and Victorian artist John Ruskin apparently described Lincoln Cathedral as ‘out and out our most precious piece of architecture.’ An awe-inspiring spectacle and must-see for any visitor.


Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle Many schools in the county organise trips to come and visit the castle. Lincoln Castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068 and is home to one of only four surviving copies of the Magna Carta. The Castle provides a wide spread of wall walks for you to enjoy the incredible scenery of the city. Don’t forget to explore the grounds and surrounding countryside.


Steep Hill

Steep Hill I think the term ‘steep’ when referring to the cobbles of Steep Hill is quite the understatement. Steep Hill was built by the Romans and in 2011 it was named the best street in Britain by the Academy of Urbanism. The hill is a popular tourist attraction for any visitor. This is despite the toll that walking up this unique street will take on your legs, but trust me it is worth it.


The Bailgate

The Bailgate The Bailgate is characterised by a wealth of pubs, independent shops and quaint tea rooms. The area will provide you with an authentic experience of Lincolnshire, and is a welcome escape from the run of the mill shops that you see on every High Street. You are sure to find something unusual and quirky in my favourite area of the city.


Brown’s Pie Shop

Brown’s Pie Shop My friend from Canada came to visit me in Lincoln last year and she referred to her meal at Brown’s Pie Shop as the ‘finest food she had tasted in England.’ Perfect pastry, exquisite pies and charming surroundings are just for starters. To add to the fascination, all of this is within the glorious setting of the Bailgate. What are you waiting for?


Christmas Market

Christmas Market This city could convert even the most stubborn Scrooge to love Christmas again. An incredible array of stalls and festive cheer await you at Lincoln’s very own Christmas market. You will be wishing it could be Christmas every day once you have had the chance to savour this annual tradition.


Easy to Get around

Easy to Get around Lincoln is not chock-a-block with traffic like the big UK cities. Don’t you just hate it when you are driving through London and one wrong turning means you have to come full circle just to get back on the right path? Everything in Lincoln is close by and the picturesque villages that adorn the outskirts will captivate those lucky enough to make it to these parts.

I hope you will come and visit Lincoln. Get booking your ticket and don’t forget your camera. What other smaller cities do you think are shamelessly overlooked?

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christmas market is amazing! theres also leathered in lincoln which is really good

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