8 Independence Days 🌟 Celebrated πŸŽ‰ around the World 🌎 ...

Some of the most notable celebrations around the world are National and Independence Days. Many countries observe National and Independence Days as a holiday with themed events, pageants, and feasts, and the days are usually characterized with a mass display of national symbols, colors and pride. Come with me to look at some of the notable National and Independence Days around the world.

1. India

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Celebrated on the 15th August, Indian Independence Day is one of the many Independence Days celebrated to commemorate the end of British rule. The holiday is observed throughout the country, with parades being held in most towns and cities, along with various celebrations surrounding the Indian flag. The flag is a symbol of the day: men, women and children will all wear clothing and accessories which contain the colors of the flag, and many families watch patriotic Indian movies together to celebrate.

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