7 Bizarre Festivals in Australia ...


7 Bizarre Festivals in Australia ...
7 Bizarre Festivals in Australia ...

There are some very bizarre festivals in Australia. I love Australians. They are such an easy-going likeable nation and, if truth be told, just a little bit kooky, in the best way possible. Their massive country is awesome in many ways, including magnificent scenery and wildlife just not seen anywhere else, and the many odd festivals are just a way of life and an expression of what it means to come from Down Under. Let’s take a look at just a few bizarre festivals in Australia – be sure to catch some if you’re ever lucky enough to visit.

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The Camel Cup

The Camel Cup There are some really outrageous festivals in Australia, and when a simple bet was placed between mates back in the 1970s, who knew it would become a massive, televised and sponsored main event on the Aussie calendar, still running over 40 years later? Head out to Alice Springs where you can check out the real Gold Lions Camel Cup Race every year, and if you are keen, you can race a rickshaw in the arena as well. Belly dancers, beer, food stalls and live bands make this a rocking event.


The Camel Cup is a unique festival that takes place in Alice Springs, Australia every year. It originated as a simple bet between friends in the 1970s and has now become a major event on the Australian calendar. The main attraction is the Gold Lions Camel Cup Race, where camels race around a track while being ridden by jockeys. Visitors can also participate in a rickshaw race in the arena. The festival also features belly dancers, live bands, and delicious food stalls. It has been running for over 40 years and is televised and sponsored, making it a must-see event for anyone visiting Australia.


The Darwin Lions Beer Regatta

The Darwin Lions Beer Regatta The Beer Regatta is an annual event held each July in Darwin. A day of racing boats along Mindil Beach all sounds rather civilised, but it is anything but prim and proper at all. First of all the ‘’boats’’ are no luxury racing yachts. They are handmade vessels that have to be built almost entirely from beer cans. The rules say that the boats have to float on beer cans alone, but the rest is up to the teams, and some amazing constructions are created. The real fun starts when boats start to sink, or attack each other. Actually, like many festivals in Australia, disorder means fun - it’s total mutiny with water balloons and fire hoses and of course, plenty of beer.


The Elvis Festival

The Elvis Festival Parkes is a small town in New South Wales with a resident population of just over 10,000 people, who quietly go about their day to day life until the arrival of the chaotic Elvis festival every year. Hound dogs, Elvis fans and thousands of impersonators rocking their side burns and sparkly body suits arrive in the small town for no less than 5 days of revelry and celebration of their idol – The King. Elvis may have left the building but he’s alive and kicking in one of the most eagerly awaited Australian festivals.


Deniliquin Ute Muster

Deniliquin Ute Muster Even the name sounds weird and inexplicable, doesn’t it? Well when you know that Deniliquin is a small rural town in New South Wales and that Ute is the Aussie name for a utility vehicle (flatbed truck) and that a muster is a gathering, it all becomes clear. Think of the Deni Ute Muster as a Glastonbury for trucks and you kinda get the idea. The gathering usually beats the Guinness Book of Records standard every year as Ute owners from all over Australia make their way to Deni for vehicular fun and frolics.


This quirky festival started in 1999 and really shifts into high gear with a spectacular array of events. From the iconic Blue Singlet Count to the World Record Ute Muster, attendees can expect a true Aussie cultural experience. Imagine dusty boots tapping to the beat of country tunes, a bounty of plaid shirts, and that communal spirit that comes with a good ol' Aussie barbie. And let's not forget the Ute Paddock, a place bursting with polished chrome and roaring engines, where proud owners display their customized beauties. The air is drenched with the scent of diesel mixed with the sizzle of the barbecue—truly an unforgettable outback fiesta.



Skyfire Ok, so this one is not one of the oddest of festivals in Australia, but it’s kind of weird in that where fireworks are usually used at all kinds of celebrations and festivals, at Skyfire, it’s the fireworks themselves that are being celebrated. A spectacular display choreographed to music lights up the skies over Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra for one evening in March each year.



Tunarama Yep – you guessed it. This festival celebrates the humble tuna fish. Every January, the town of Port Lincoln in South Australia holds the Tuna Toss World Championships. It is actually part of the Australia Day long weekend festivities and is a celebration of the tuna fishing industry, the mainstay of the town’s economy. Port Lincoln is home to Australia’s largest tuna canning plant. The current world record for the tuna toss is 37m!


Henley on Todd Regatta

Henley on Todd Regatta The name sounds normal, right? So how can this be one of the bizarre festivals in Australia? Well regatta implies water and boats. Nothing odd about that, except that this regatta is held in Alice Springs, about 1500kms away from any large body of water! Does this bother them? Of course not. Participants construct bottomless crafts and “run” the now dry bed of the River Todd. There are some truly magnificent creations from bathtubs to scale model pirate galleons. Such fun.

The weird festivals in Australia may have you thinking this country is overall somewhat odd- rather it shows how Australians embrace the bizarre with a zest for life. Vacations in Australia should be about having as much fun as the locals so if you’re taking a trip down under, be sure to catch one of these events. What's the strangest festival you've ever attended?

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I'm from Australia and I've never heard of any of these festivals.

I am from Australia and even I think these festivals are weird. Guess they're going crazy from the desert?

I'm Australian and I think we're all nuts!

@Anna Ofelia, as an Aussie whose sister was an Au Pair, go with the big cities, there's more to explore. Sydney is all hustle and bustle, but amazing and beautiful, Melbourne's great for fashion, Adelaide's calm and serene, Brisbane is ehh. Perth is apparently beautiful. I suggest Sydney. Snagging a job I Syd, or the outer suburbs would be pretty great. And everything is close by. People have more money in the city areas so they're more likely to need an Au Pair. Study the areas available. :)

Hi Neecey! Will you please write some tips for being an au pair in Australia? Like which city is good and so on? :-)

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