2. Cycling and Culture in the Czech Republic

Cycling and Culture in the Czech Republic

Strap on your helmet and sweat-slicking spandex and hop atop your bicycle for a peddle-pumping ride through the Czech Republic. The undeveloped countryside of this post-Soviet country is one of the best unspoiled places for an adventure in Europe.

Composed of spectacular sun-spotted valleys dotted with pastel houses and Bohemian architecture, and with few cars traveling along the gently rolling hills, you can cruise your way through Czech, referencing routes via the Czech Greenways, an organization which both preserves the Republic’s cultural heritage and lists hundreds of hiking and cycling routes. Along the way, you can stop off in Prague, still one of Europe’s best kept secrets, boasting a stunning city layout and comprehensive art galleries, while still being a fairly cheap city to kick back and have a beer.

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