7 Reasons Why Croatia is the Best Overlooked Country ...

After you have traveled to the country and experienced its beauty first hand, you will know why Croatia is the best overlooked country in Europe. With a rich history, unique culture, and stunning landscape, Croatia is Europe’s hidden gem that surprises tourists. Nestled on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is finding its place in top travel destinations. Here are 7 reasons why Croatia is the best overlooked country, and why you should book your next vacation there.

1. Lack of Tourists

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New to the scene, Croatia has yet to be overrun with hordes of pushy tourists, thus explaining why Croatia is the best country, or at least one of the best countries, to visit in Europe. Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most famous place to travel to; however it is barely taken over by hotels and vendors like Rome or Barcelona. You are still able to enjoy the walls of an ancient city or the refreshing water of the Adriatic without being bothering by crowds and inflated tourist prices. Within Croatia’s mountains and among its numerous islands, Croatia offers plenty of quiet getaways and exotic vacations for any traveler.

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