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After you have traveled to the country and experienced its beauty first hand, you will know why Croatia is the best overlooked country in Europe. With a rich history, unique culture, and stunning landscape, Croatia is Europe’s hidden gem that surprises tourists. Nestled on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is finding its place in top travel destinations. Here are 7 reasons why Croatia is the best overlooked country, and why you should book your next vacation there.

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Lack of Tourists

Lack of Tourists New to the scene, Croatia has yet to be overrun with hordes of pushy tourists, thus explaining why Croatia is the best country, or at least one of the best countries, to visit in Europe. Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most famous place to travel to; however it is barely taken over by hotels and vendors like Rome or Barcelona. You are still able to enjoy the walls of an ancient city or the refreshing water of the Adriatic without being bothering by crowds and inflated tourist prices. Within Croatia’s mountains and among its numerous islands, Croatia offers plenty of quiet getaways and exotic vacations for any traveler.


The Eclectic History

The Eclectic History After centuries of rule under Roman, Ottoman, Venetian, and Habsburg empires, Croatia has been infused with various cultures, leaving behind a perfect medley of mixed traditions and values. Croatia proudly boasts its challenging history and has preserved its past throughout the present. Whether with folk dances, art installations, festivals, historical museums, or ancient city architecture, Croatia stays true to its roots and puts their history on display. Croatia offers an inlet to a different side of European history that has spanned centuries and continues to change.


The Food

The Food Fusing Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Turkish cuisine leaves Croatia in a league of its own. Croats see dining as a way of life. The meal is meant to be savored and enjoyed with good company and great wine. Try tasty cevapi and ajvar, sweet burek, cuttlefish risotto, rich cheese from Pag, and homemade grappa. Croats put such effort into every dish that you will be transported to another time where meals were never rushed nor skipped.



Affordable The Croatian currency, the Kuna, exchanges in favor to many countries. That combined with the low cost of living makes Croatia a very affordable country. A glass of wine averages about $1 and a room for a night can be as low as $17. Whether passing through a city or staying long term, Croatia will not hurt your bank account. Most cities are set up to be open-air museums allowing you to see the rich culture while enjoying a café at a local shop. Beaches are public, national parks are cheap, and transport is extremely reasonable – Croatia’s affordability can easily convince you to extend your vacation.


Diverse Landscape

Diverse Landscape This Balkan country offers something for nature lovers, sailors, beach goers, party-ers, and historical enthusiasts alike. From its rugged black mountains to open plains and its pristine beaches to untouched islands, Croatia boasts one of the most diverse landscapes for such a small country. You can easily be based in a historic old town and take day trips to lush waterfalls in the forest or to sandy beaches on an island’s hidden grove. The beauty of Croatia’s terrain keeps travelers active and inspired.


Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location Being a small country, Croatia makes a perfect place to begin a Southeast European adventure. Bordered by Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia, Croatia holds a prime location. After exploring the culturally rich region of the Balkans, you can take a ferry across the blue Adriatic to Italy for another getaway. Besides being located in the central hub for the Balkans, transportation in Croatia is easily accessible and affordable. Buses, trains, planes, and ferries make navigating the country extremely easy.


Authentic Charm

Authentic Charm The folk dances in town squares and the old men sipping on grappa every morning will remind you that Croatia is unspoiled by greedy tourism. You will still experience the country’s authentic charm that captivates every visitor. Family businesses outnumber Western chain stores and the souvenirs are still made locally. Croatia is a cultural gem that has upheld its traditions throughout the centuries. Fiercely loyal to its roots, Croatia will continue to be a champion of old world values in the new world’s society.

Croatia has everything to offer to any traveler looking for a relaxing or adventurous holiday. Ancient cities, thousands of islands, impressive mountains, glorious national parks, and a perfect coastline seduce every visitor - leaving them in love with Europe’s underdog. What other overlooked countries have you visited?

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My parents were born there and I've been to visit, although not nearly enough. This is truly a wonderful country to visit on the coast however don't miss out on Plivice Lakes which is stunning beyond words!

My country❤️

Been going there for 8 years now, and there is unfortunate more and more Tourists for every year

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