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There are incredible places to run all over the world, including some especially marked out trails for runners of all levels and abilities. If you’re the sort of person who won’t give up their running while on vacation, or is looking for vacation spots with special attractions to accompany your exercise, let’s see if some of these trails for runners inspire your next trip.

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New York City – Central Park

New York City – Central Park Visiting New York City is a thrill and it also has one of the premier trails for runners in the world because the environment is diverse. Not only is the atmosphere in Central Park exciting but you get to choose different routes that give you beautiful views of trees in blossom and the reservoir and pliable clinker footpaths. While you’re running you’ll never tire of looking at all the interesting and trendy New Yorkers getting their exercise in a park protected from any cars.


Cornwall, England – Housel Bay to Lizard Point

Cornwall, England – Housel Bay to Lizard Point You’ll find the scenery of Cornwall along the South Western Coastal Path simply breathtaking. It’s great for an easy run, although there are a few sheer sections. This spectacular path is one and a half miles of spectacular natural beauty, as you run past wild flowers and along rugged cliffs.


Montana – Bigfork

Montana – Bigfork Runners love the scenery and peaceful ambiance of the town of Bigfork. All this combined with beautiful running paths along the lake and through the forest works your body in full view of mountain views. Like all runners, you’ll appreciate the invigorating clear air.


Italy – Amalfi Drive

Italy – Amalfi Drive This is not one of the best routes for joggers who are inexperienced. The entire route is 48.2 km (30 miles) from Sorrento to Amalfi with pretty rural villages along the way. Some runners tackle only a portion of the route’s winding and narrow road along steep cliffs. This means any traffic is very slow but it’s safer to run in a southerly direction so you face oncoming cars.


Singapore – MacRitchie Reservoir Loop

Singapore – MacRitchie Reservoir Loop The loop is 10 km long around the oldest reservoir in Singapore and is perfect for you because you’re daring and like excitement and it’s one of the best trails for runners. Before you get to run on wooden boards you must complete the asphalt section and then you run through a thick, green jungle full of chattering monkeys. At the start and finish there are comforts like lavatory, shower and drinking water.


USA/Canada – Niagara Falls

USA/Canada – Niagara Falls Why not run in two countries by starting in Buffalo, USA and crossing the Peace Bridge to finish in Ontario, Canada? You can do it in full view of the magnificent Niagara Falls, doing either a half-marathon or marathon that has a 2-mile portion downhill.


Montego Bay, Jamaica –Cinnamon Hill

Montego Bay, Jamaica –Cinnamon Hill You’d find working up a sweat on a lovely Caribbean Island good news, and even better news is that it’s where the super fit Usain Bolt does some running when he’s home. Cinnamon Hill has you starting on the beach and running all the way up to the golf course and towards Cinnamon Hill, where the views are second to none.


Arizona, USA – Grand Canyon

Arizona, USA – Grand Canyon Are you fit enough to take on the challenge of the Grand Canyon run? You could do the difficult 20.6 miles from South Rim to North Rim or the easier flat Greenway trail. Either way, you get some steep rises where the views are awesome.


London, England – Kingston Bridge to Hampton Court

London, England – Kingston Bridge to Hampton Court Being so keen to visit London for the incredible nightlife isn’t an excuse to let your fitness level drop. Even in this huge cosmopolitan city you can get in some decent running along the four and a half kilometers from Kingston Bridge to Hampton Court. You get to run through pretty, formal gardens and past the Hampton Court Palace of Henry VIII. It’s all flat and over tarmac and gravel so your time can be fast. Surprisingly, you even pass through rural bits of London where trails for runners are often overlooked.

Have these trails for runners got your toes a-itching and your heels a-tingling? Which of them would be worth you pulling on your running shoes?

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