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Awesome Facts about Disney World for People Who Are Going There and Cant Wait ...

By Lyndsie

Planning a trip 🌏 to Disney can be so much fun and there are so many hidden facts out there, it's hard to tell what is true. If you are a true Disney fanatic and you think you know every single 1️⃣ thing there is to know about Disney World, take 🎬 a look 💇 below and then sound 🔊 off 📴 in the comments on 🔛 what you didn't know!

Table of contents:

  1. Two 2️⃣ manhattans can fit into disney world
  2. You paid how much on 🔘 opening day?
  3. Dead 🔫 people's ashes are everywhere
  4. It has only closed 🔒 four 4️⃣ times
  5. The cinderella castle 🏰 is almost empty
  6. Do you know what epcot stands for?
  7. Cast members
  8. You won't find pepsi there!
  9. No 👎 straws or cup lids in animal 🐤 kingdom
  10. Mickey is more stylish
  11. The camel 🐫 outside of the magic 🙌 carpets of aladdin …
  12. Can you spot all of the mickeys?
  13. Those aren't stones
  14. Where's the bathroom?
  15. Headhunter?
  16. The epcot gardens
  17. No 👎 gum sold

1 Two 2️⃣ Manhattans Can Fit into Disney World

Yep, or one 1️⃣ entire San Fran. Disney itself is about 40 square ◻️ miles, so that means it is huge! Not enough to go through in one 1️⃣ day, keep that in mind.

2 You Paid How Much on 🔘 Opening Day?

Oh yes, did you know that $3.50 was how much people 👥 paid for opening day ☀️ of Disney World? Nowadays, tickets run 👟 all the way up 👆 to a hundred, but in the beginning, it was so cheap! Also, when did it open? Anyone know? October 1st, 1971.

3 Dead 🔫 People's Ashes Are Everywhere

No, really, they are. People 👥 have been cremated and love 💜 Disney so much that they have been spread all over. It's pretty gross when you think about it, but it's true!

4 It Has Only Closed 🔒 Four 4️⃣ Times

And one time ⌚ was recent! It closed 🔒 in 1999 during Hurricane 🌀 Floyd, it closed 🔒 during 9/11 and it closed 🔒 in 2002 for a power ✊ failure. On 🔘 9/11, it only took about 30 minutes ⏰ to evacuate and close the parks. The last time ⌚ that it closed? In 2016 for Hurricane 🌀 Matthew.

5 The Cinderella Castle 🏰 is Almost Empty

No, really, it is. There is a restaurant, a gift 💝 shop 🏪 and an apartment 🏢 that was designed specifically for Walt. Now, that apartment 🏢 is a hotel 🏨 room but you can barely get in there for the night 🌠 because it's always booked up. That's it!

6 Do You Know What EPCOT Stands for?

I do! It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, and it was originally supposed to be a living, working 💼 city 🌇 of the future. How cool 😎 is that huh?

7 Cast Members

That's what the employees are called, not employees, cast members and Disney is the largest single-site employer in the US.

8 You Won't Find Pepsi There!

Yep, it's true, Disney is all about Coke and Coke alone and people 🚻 consume about 50 million Cokes throughout the year.

9 No 👎 Straws or Cup Lids in Animal 🐤 Kingdom

Disney doesn't trust that the animals won't get their paws 🐾 or mouths on 🔛 them, so they don't allow any straws or any cup lids anywhere near Animal 🐒 Kingdom.

10 Mickey is More Stylish

Did you know that Mickey has about 250 costumes to change into, while Minnie has about 200? Who says guys can't be more fashionable?

11 The Camel 🐫 outside of the Magic 🙌 Carpets of Aladdin …

He spits on 🔘 you! No, really, he does. The rumor is that cast members operate the camel 🐪 and decides which guests to spit on.

12 Can You Spot All of the Mickeys?

Yep, they are hidden all over! From under the water 💧 to in the landscape, they are everywhere.

13 Those Aren't Stones

Nope, Cinderella's castle 🏰 is actually built 💪 of fiberglass, concrete, and steel, no 🚫 stones at all!

14 Where's the Bathroom?

Because Disney World 🌍 attracts visitors all over the world, the cast members can tell you where the bathroom 🚽 is in over 14 languages. That doesn't mean they are fluent, though.

15 Headhunter?

Oh, yep, the Jungle Cruise 🚢 headhunter has a name and his name is Trader Sam.

16 The Epcot Gardens

These gardens are amazing, they grow 🌱 about 30 tons of fruits and veggies 🍅 to help feed the hungry.

17 No 👎 Gum Sold

If you like 😻 gum, you'll be out of luck 🍀 here, Disney doesn't sell it. You'll have to bring your own.

So, how'd you do? Did you know everything? Share what other facts you know, I'd love 💝 to hear 👂 them.

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