7 Amazing Northern Virginia Wineries to Add to Your List ...

Whether you live in the DC area or are planning to visit the region during your next vacation, there are plenty of fabulous Northern Virginia wineries that are well worth checking out. Are you a fan of refreshing whites? Bold reds? Sweet dessert wines? There’s something for everyone at each of these seven Northern Virginia wineries, all located about an hour outside the city.

1. Fabbioli Cellars

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Known for its award-winning wines and sustainable practices, Fabbioli Cellars in Leesburg is by far one of the best Northern Virginia wineries to visit. Each tasting includes a sweet-and-savory food pairing featuring items specially chosen to complement an assortment of red, white and port-style wines, along with the winery’s one-of-a-kind Raspberry Merlot dessert wine.

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