7 Brilliant Things to do in Buenos Aires ...

There are some very brilliant things to do in Buenos Aires. The Argentine capital is full of history, but also has a very modern European flavor. On one hand you have elegant colonial architecture, olde worlde cafes and restaurants and street markets, and on the other you have ritzy neighborhoods with designer shops and fine dining. Rather than sending you on a tour of the historical attractions of Buenos Aires that you can read about in any guide to the city, I thought it would be fun to seek out some of the real fun things to do in Buenos Aires.

1. View the Street Art

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When it comes to creativity and artistic traits, most people associate Buenos Aires with that sultry dance – the Tango. Perhaps what they don’t expect is a thriving street art scene. Emerging from the economic crash of 2001, many excellent artists have decorated the streets and buildings of the city with some stunning and very cool graffiti. It has made the Palermo district of BA very hip and a tour of the neighborhood is one of the unusual but interesting things to do in Buenos Aires. Tours pick out not only the best street murals and decorations but arrange galleries visits where enthusiastic artists love to share their passion and stories.

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