11 Hidden Gems of America That Shouldn't Be a Secret ...

The iconic and magnificent US attractions are known all over the world, but this also means visitors miss out on some hidden gems of America that deserve more attention. Tucked away in the corners of all states are sometimes surprising, but always interesting attractions that showcase the beauty, history and culture of a great nation. So for sure, if you planning a visit, see the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and the casinos of Las Vegas, but consider adding some of these hidden gems of America to your list.

1. Valley of Fire State Park

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An hour northeast of Las Vegas is the 42,000 acres Valley of Fire State Park. If you want to see an elephant, a beehive and an arch made out of stone then this is the place to visit. A number of the national and state parks are hidden gems of America and like all of them, Valley of Fire is ideal for hikers. Some trails can be long and strenuous so make sure you are well geared up with water and snacks. The best time to visit is outside the summer months as then the Mojave Desert can have temperatures over 120°.

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