7 Iconic California Cities You Must Visit on Your Next Trip ...

Born and raised in the Golden State, I’m never short on recommendations for amazing California cities you must visit, from star-studded Los Angeles to sun-soaked Napa. Looking to plan a memorable trip? Check out the following seven iconic California cities you must visit, and get ready to set off on the vacation of a lifetime.

1. San Francisco

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Recognized by many as one of the ultimate California cities you must visit, San Francisco is unrivaled in its unique beauty and culture. While there are many exciting things to do and see, no trip to the City by the Bay would be complete without driving, biking or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, along with taking photos of the bridge as seen from the northeast and southeast sides. Alcatraz Island, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is definitely worth a visit, as is Fisherman's Wharf, home to chocolate-lovers’ haven Ghirardelli Square, the Aquarium of the Bay and plenty of amazing seafood stands and restaurants.

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