9 Most Expensive Cities for a Club Sandwich ...

Why have I chosen to share with you the most expensive cities for a club sandwich? That’s a good question. Economists and travel specialists alike quibble over figures and facts that relate to how expensive it is to live in or visit various cities around the world however, there is one key index that is more telling than all the others - The CSI. Also known as the Club Sandwich Index, it is made up of the average cost of the ubiquitous chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich at hotels across a particular city. This is perhaps the best barometer for determining a city’s affordability and is a good reference for travelers to have on hand. To shed some light on what cities are the most burdensome on the pocketbook, take a look at the top 9 most expensive cities for a club sandwich.

1. Geneva, Switzerland ($30.45 USD)

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A perennial favourite city of diplomats, it’s no wonder that Geneva tops the list of most expensive cities for a club sandwich. Geneva’s most distinguishing feature is beautiful Lake Geneva, which connects Switzerland’s second-most populous city with several beautiful and idyllic Swiss villages. It is home to headquarters of a number of global organizations so the city is always full of diplomats and businessmen, so eating out here is pretty expensive in general.

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