9 Most Expensive Cities for a Club Sandwich ...


9 Most Expensive Cities for a Club Sandwich ...
9 Most Expensive Cities for a Club Sandwich ...

Why have I chosen to share with you the most expensive cities for a club sandwich? That’s a good question. Economists and travel specialists alike quibble over figures and facts that relate to how expensive it is to live in or visit various cities around the world however, there is one key index that is more telling than all the others - The CSI. Also known as the Club Sandwich Index, it is made up of the average cost of the ubiquitous chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich at hotels across a particular city. This is perhaps the best barometer for determining a city’s affordability and is a good reference for travelers to have on hand. To shed some light on what cities are the most burdensome on the pocketbook, take a look at the top 9 most expensive cities for a club sandwich.

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Geneva, Switzerland ($30.45 USD)

Geneva, Switzerland ($30.45 USD) A perennial favourite city of diplomats, it’s no wonder that Geneva tops the list of most expensive cities for a club sandwich. Geneva’s most distinguishing feature is beautiful Lake Geneva, which connects Switzerland’s second-most populous city with several beautiful and idyllic Swiss villages. It is home to headquarters of a number of global organizations so the city is always full of diplomats and businessmen, so eating out here is pretty expensive in general.


Paris, France ($27.45 USD)

Paris, France ($27.45 USD) The City of Light is consistently ranked as one of the most visited cities in the world. The list of attractions and famous sights in the French capital is miles long and includes the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. As far as dining out in Paris is concerned, a decent meal in a Parisian cafe will set you back less than what the average club sandwich in a hotel here would cost, so eschew the hotel dining room and head into the streets of Montmartre or the cafes of the Left Bank.


Oslo, Norway ($26.72 USD)

Oslo, Norway ($26.72 USD) Oslo is the first in a trio of Scandinavian cities to make the list. Many travelers don’t realise just how expensive Northern Europe can be. Oslo exhibits Nordic culture at its finest, and has strong maritime roots. Along with its famous opera house, stop by the Viking Ship Museum to learn more about the region’s Viking heritage.


Stockholm, Sweden ($23.12)

Stockholm, Sweden ($23.12) The Swedish capital is built upon a series of beautiful islands and has become a hub for science and the arts in recent years. The city also benefits from a strong cafe culture; though don’t expect to find many menu items listed for much less than the average cost of a club sandwich. When in town, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Vasa Museum; home to a near-complete shipwreck of a 17th century Swedish war vessel.


Copenhagen, Denmark ($22.33)

Copenhagen, Denmark ($22.33) The last of the Scandinavian locations to make the list of cities where the club sandwich is the most expensive, Copenhagen is perhaps best known as being the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen. A tribute to Andersen’s famous tale The Little Mermaid in the form of a bronze statue can be viewed just off the city’s main harbour. If traveling with kids, make an effort to visit Tivoli Gardens; a famous and historic amusement park in the centre of the city. If you really want a food experience to remember in Copenhagen, there’s Noma which for 3 years until 2012 was the best restaurant in the world.


Rome, Italy ($22.26)

Rome, Italy ($22.26) Though Rome has been included in the list of most expensive cities for a club sandwich, it’s hard to imagine anyone ordering such a ubiquitous dish in the midst of all the excellent Italian trattorias and pizzerias. The city’s enchanting ruins, Coliseum, Pantheon and the Vatican City keep a steady flow of tourists coming to Rome throughout the year.


Tokyo, Japan ($20.70)

Tokyo, Japan ($20.70) Bustling and futuristic Tokyo has long had a reputation for being expensive. Luckily for tourists, the falling price of the Yen has made the city a little more accessible. When visiting, head to Tokyo’s famous Harajuku district and enjoy the people watching. If time permits, head out of town on a day trip to Mount Fuji, or enjoy a day out at Tokyo Disneyland. And try something delicious off a traditional Japanese menu rather than a club sandwich.


London, United Kingdom ($20.65)

London, United Kingdom ($20.65) Consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world, it’s surprising that London ranks a lowly 8th in the list of most expensive cities for a club sandwich. Nevertheless, it’s still a great tourist city with famous sights like Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. The London food scene is also one of the most on-trend in the world and practically every cuisine mentionable is found in its eateries.


Sydney, Australia ($20.53)

Sydney, Australia ($20.53) Representing the southern hemisphere, Sydney is best known for its beautiful opera house, and harbour. The city’s interior is a modern metropolis filled with world class shopping, museums, and restaurants. Closer to the water, tourists can enjoy famous Bondi Beach and other popular beach areas. Aussie cusine is also far more than a prawn on a Barbie. It’s a wonderful fusion of many cultures so, again you can ignore the club sandwich!

I love that there is a list of most expensive cities in the world for a club sandwich. Although it is a good measure because everyone knows what it is nd it is a staple hotel menu offering, it is probably way, way down the list of what people want to eat when they visit these places. Would you order a club sandwich over a choice of something local?

Resource: press.hotels.com

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I totally agree with this one esp in the Scandinavian countries. My sister lives in Norway with her family. I visited the country couple of times too.

Better be one damn good sandwich if I'm paying that much.

My best friend is in Paris right now and she calls me and told me that the food here isn't very good and really really expensive..


Odense is birth city of the famous author Hans Christian Andersen :)

I can hook you up with an amazing club sandwich in London for $12!! Come to Yorkshire & they're $6 and you get a gorgeous view chucked in for free

This is not a picture of Geneva ! It's Montreux's Chillon castle an hour away from Geneva ...

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