World's Most Astonishing Sculptures πŸ—ΏπŸŒŽ Every Cultured Girl Must See πŸ‘€ ...


I love to see unusual, creative and eye-catching street art.

It's even better when it comes as a total surprise - when you turn a corner, or cross a square.

I love that they are usually totally, incongruously juxtaposed to their surroundings and make me stop and wonder.

From political to philosophical, from whimsical to serious, they are a feast for the eyes and food for the brain.2

1. Popped up

Gresham Palace, sculpture, landmark, city, statue,

Location - Szechenyi Square in Budapest, Hungary

Artist - Ervin Loranth Herve

2. Les Voyageurs

blue, sea, beach, coast, extreme sport,

Location - Marseilles, France

Artist - Bruno Catalano

3. Nelson Mandela

Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, architecture, fence, wood, outdoor structure,

Location - Howick, South Africa

Artist - Marco Cianfanelli

4. Iguana Park

lawn, grass, yard, garden, flower,

Location - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Artist - Hans Van Houwelingen

5. Čumil: the Watcher - 'Man at Work'

Cumil, sculpture, statue, monument, carving,

Location - Bratislava, Slovakia

Artist - Viktor Hulik

6. Respect for History Park

army, sculpture, military, vehicle,

Location - Eceabat, Turkey

Artist - Various

7. Diminish and Ascend

landmark, structure, cloud, bridge, river,

Location - Bondi, Australia

Artist - David McCracken

8. The Unknown Official

road, snapshot, street, pedestrian, infrastructure,

Location - Reykjavik, Iceland

Artist - Magnus Tomasson

9. Shoes on the Danube

bird, vertebrate, duck, water bird, ducks geese and swans,

Location - Budapest, Hungary

Artist - Gyula Pauer

10. Love

night, light, darkness, lighting, christmas lights,

Location - Burning Man Festival, USA

Artist - Alexander Milov

11. The Monument of an Anonymous Passer-by

statue, people, monument, soldier, art,

Location - Wroclaw, Poland

Artist - Jerzy Kalina

12. Device to Root out Evil

landmark, plaza, night, downtown, lighting,

Location - Vancouver, Canada

Artist - Dennis Oppenheim

13. Skeleton Lovers

archaeological site, sculpture, art, monument, statue,

Location - Sala Keoku,Thailand

Artist - to the plans of Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat

14. Man in the Wall

Montmartre, statue, sculpture, wall, monument,

Location - Paris, France

Artist - Jean Marais

15. Expansion

Brooklyn Bridge, statue, sculpture, monument, human positions,

Location - New York, USA

Artist - Paige Bradley

16. The Force of Nature

sculpture, art, arm, lighting, statue,

Location - Doha, Qatar

Artist - Lorenzo Quinn

17. Dandelion Fairy

tree, plant, flower, branch, sculpture,

Location - Trentham Gardens

Artist - Robin Wright

18. Break through from Your Mold

wall, art, mural, statue, sculpture,

Location - Philadelphia, USA

Artist - Zenos Frudakis

Hippo Square
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